Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Liebster Award

Hi Beauts.

So I logged onto my blog to discover that I had been nominated for The Liebster Award by the lovely Roxanne, thank you! :)

After reading Roxanne's post I found out what it's all about:

1 - Each blogger has to answer each question set for them

2 - Choose 11 bloggers with 200 and under followers to nominate, and link them in the post

3 - Create 11 questions for the bloggers to answer

4 - Go back to the bloggers and tell them about the nomination

5 - Each blogger should list 11 facts about themselves

6 - No tag backs

Here we go ladies (and gents?)

Roxanne's questions:

1: What is your best memory?
I think all the times I spent down the beach as a child are my favourite memories. Always laughing and playing in the sea, not a care in the world!

2: What is your favourite make up brand?
I can't choose between Urban Decay and SmashBox

3: Did someone inspire you to blog? Who?
Nobody inspired me to be honest. I'd read so many blogs before I started mine and thought that it looked like a fun and interesting thing to be a part of

4: What is your favourite film?
The girl with the Dragon tattoo. Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig <3 It's the only film I've seen that is very much like the book

5: Where is your favourite place to shop?
Probably Boots. I could spend hours in there swatching stuff, and I love that it sells high end as well as high street

6: Do you prefer pastel or neon? Why?
I'm a pastel gal, I've never been a fan of neon

7: Stripes or spots?
This is actually a tuffy, but I'm going to go with Spots

8: Do you have one true wish? What is it?
To be successful and happy

9: What is your biggest fear?
Growing old with regrets

10: Do you prefer beauty or fashion?
Definitely beauty.  I've never really been into/interested in fashion

11: Who is your biggest idol/role model? Why?
I've never really thought about looking up to someone until my Grandad died, and realised he was my biggest  role model. He was the nicest, most genuine, down to earth, grounded person I've ever known. He had been through so much in his life, and never once complained or had a bad word to say about anyone. True inspiration in my eyes <3

My 11 random facts:

1: I hate being tickled, to the point of I will actually break someone's bones if the tickle me.....such violence!

2: I hate pink,I blame my mam. She would NEVER dress us (me and my sister) in pink when we were little

3: I get extremely bored extremely fast

4: I can't stand anything chocolate flavoured, except for chocolate itself

5: I think to much

6: I can't bare disrespectful people

7: I'm quarter Irish

8: I share my Birthday with my dad

9: I'd love a Kawasaki ninja

10: It took me 27 years to figure out what I want to do with my life, most people figure that out after school :/

11: I have a VERY small group of friends. It's all about quality not quantity ;)

Bloggers I nominate:

1: Indie -
2: Albertine -
3: Sammy -
4: Maxi -
5: Natasha -
6: Jen -
7: Alicia -
8: Kirsty -
9: Faith -
10: Clair -
11: Gillian -

My 11 Questions:
1: What one make up product couldn't you be without?
2: Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
3: What is your favourite book?
4: What is your favourite scent?
5: What is your dream job?
6: Is there one product you bought because of the hype,and regret buying it?
7: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
8: What is your favourite season?
9: Big night out, or quiet night in?
10: What is your favourite nail polish colour?
11: What is your favourite highstreet make up brand?

Thanks again Roxanne for the nomination :)

Stacey x


  1. Loved reading this! I really enjoyed reading your replies!:)xx

  2. Ah thank you chick, thanks again for the nomination :)

    Stacey x

  3. Thank you for nominating me lovely :)
    Kirsty x

  4. You're very welcome :) Love reading your blog

    Stacey x