Thursday, 16 May 2013

Review Smashbox limitless eye liner

Hi Beauts.

Time for my yet another review of a product  from the ever so wonderful Try it kit, today - the Limitless eye liner

'Our waterproof, long-wearing liner provides bold definition for up to 8 hours'

I'm a huge fan of black liners and an even bigger fan of liners that stay put. Bring onto the stage this bad boy. For the past week and a bit I've been testing this out and I have to say I'm extremely impressed with the results.

First test - Upper lashline. I don't usually like wearing pencil liners along my upper lashline because I find them to be either too soft, making them smudge and difficult to get a perfect line, or too hard causing them to tug at my lid. This did neither. It's the perfect consistency, not too soft or thick. I was also able to create winged liner with this, usually another problem I have with pencil liners - the wing's usually vanished within an hour or so. This didn't move from my lashline all day, I had my make up on for around 10 hours and my liner was still perfect when it came to removing it. 5 stars

Second test - Tight line. This was so soft and creamy to apply to my tight-line (that whole sentence sounds oh so wrong!) and I found it to be extremely pigmented. It did transfer to my water line straight after application (I find this happens with every liner) but nothing a cotton bud didn't sort out. There was no transference at all throughout the day and again the staying power was amazing, lasted all day and stayed just as pigmented as when I first applied.

Third test (the biggy) - Waterline. This is when I find out if I truly like a liner. Other than Urban Decay, I haven't found an eyeliner that doesn't budge from my waterline.....until now. Again, pigmented and smooth to apply - no need for premature wrinkles - and it lasted for 5 and a half hours before any started to fade (first time that's ever happened) and I say 'any' because the only fading was a tiny part of my waterline on one eye. I didn't find that this dropped to my under eye area either which is amazing - no looking like a panda!!

Last test - Lower lashline. I very rarely wear eyeliner along my lower lashline because it never seems to look right on me, however for the purpose of this post I did. I applied a thin line and smudged it out so that it didn't look to dramatic and harsh, and I have to say that it was very easy to smudge. Once it had dried (it literally took seconds) it was set for the day and lasted around 7 hours without moving! So if you're a fan of liner on your lower lashline, give this a go

The nitty gritty
* Price - £14.00
* Product - 1.20g
* Shades - 8
* Soft, creamy and pigmented
* Doesn't budge

I honestly don't have a bad word to say about this at all. It's an amazing liner and one that I'd highly recommend if you need something that won't budge. One thing I will say is make sure you have super strength eye make up remover,it's a b****r to remove :P

What's your favourite liner?

Stacey x


  1. What a cute blog hun! Lovely review. I personally love rimmels waterproof liner. Lasts ages, is extremely pigmented, and only costs £3.00 or so! :D xx

  2. Ah thank you lovely! :) Is that the scandal eyes? I haven't tried the black yet but I'm a huge fan of the Taupe and nude!

    Stacey x