Thursday, 9 May 2013

Review YSL Rouge Volupte shade 01

Hi Beauts.

I'm forever eyeing up pretty but expensive beauty products and unfortunately can never justify the price. For months I was itching to buy myself a YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick but I always managed to talk myself out of it, because lets face it £25.00 for a lipstick is ridiculous.....I caved!

I bought the pricey beauty in shade 01 'Nude beige' and now I want more. Let's start off with the packaging which is pretty much what sucked me in. It's gold, sturdy, made from metal and oh so pretty!! Next up, colour. Like I said I have mine in 01 'Nude beige' and it is just that, it's the perfect nude for any and all skin types. The shades range from nudes, to pinks to reds so I'm sure there's a colour that you'll love.
This has to be the smoothest, creamiest lipstick that I've ever owned. It glides on like butter (yup there's that good ol' saying) and most importantly it stays on for around 4/5 hours with no need to reapply. No lip-balm or gloss is needed because this lipstick is so moisturising, not drying and has a sheen to it. I found that it lasted for an extra 2 maybe 3 hours with a liner underneath.

If you're in two minds about buying one of these, I'd say just go for it! I wish I'd bought mine sooner but I'm so glad that I finally picked one up. £25.00 is still pricey but like I've said before you get what you pay for, this is definitely worth the price.

The nitty gritty
Price - £24.50
Amount of product - 4g
Extremely pigmented
Smooth and creamy to apply
Lasts 4/5 hours

What are your thought on high end lipsticks?

Stacey x