Summer Fun 2013

Hi Beauts.

So a while back I started a lifestyle blog where I blogged about the fun (and sometimes crazy) things that I got up to over the summer. However, having two blogs got a little too much so I decided to start adding lifestyle posts to this blog.

Because I put a lot of effort into those posts and because they're something I can look back on and remember the fun times, I don't want to delete said blog. SO I'm just going to link the posts below so that they're still available to read 

Enjoy Beauts!

Them Beatles - Here

Sandy sandwiches and Ice cream - Here

Life's a beach - Here

The heat - Here

A Night (Day) at the museum - Here

Hi di hi campers - Here

The hunt for Ice cream - Here

Sunny Seaburn - Here 

Camping take two- Here

NYC Stole my heart - Here 

I had a fab summer, gonna make the Autumn just as fun!! :D

Stacey x

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