Monday, 14 July 2014

Make up Revolution liquid liner in Black

Hi Beauts.

Whenever I try something from a new brand, the first 3 things that I have to try out are their eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick. So when I made my make up revolution purchase I couldn't not throw their liquid liner into my basket.

As you may know, I've been pretty committed to using eyeliner pens rather than an actual liquid liner. However back before I discovered my love for the old felt tip, regular liquid liner was my holy grail product. The main thing that will win me over is the applicator followed by a close second of the actual consistency and finally the staying power. 

Basically, for me a liner should have a firm applicator, I don't work well with thin brush like tips, definitely not too runny as I want to apply one coat and be good to go, and finally it needs to last all day. Let's test this bad boy out shall we?

Applicator: This is perfect. It's exactly how I like an applicator to be. It isn't too firm that I feel like my eyelid is getting dragged, but it isn't too flexible that I have no control over it. It definitely allows me to create the perfect line and wing.

Consistency: Again, perfect. It isn't too runny which is a must for me. Some liners I've used in the past have had a really thin consistency, and pretty much 'bled' so I had tiny lines of liner all along my lashline. This is really opaque too, so I only needed to apply one coat.

Staying power:

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Do you prefer liquid liner, or a felt tip? 

Stacey x

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Make up Revolution wish list

Hi Beauts.

If you follow me on twitter or read my latest haul post, then you'll have seen the goodies I bought from the brand Make Up Revolution.
I picked up a few things to try out, and since having a play about with everything I've decided I pretty much need the whole range! Everything is amazing quality and super inexpensive.

Image from google

So today I thought I'd put together a little wish list for when pay day rolls around, because I will definitely be placing another order.


Blushing hearts 'Blushing heart' blusher £4.99
Ultra blush and contour palette in 'Sugar and spice' £6.00
Blushing hearts 'Goddess of love' highlighter £4.99


Iconic palette in 'Romantic smoked' £4.00 
Salvation palette 'What are you, waiting for' £6.00
I heart chocolate palette £7.99


Intense lacquer in 'Didn't I tell you' £3.00
Amazing lipstick in 'Fusion' £1.00
Amazing lipstick in 'Crime' £1.00
Amazing lipstick in 'Encore' £1.00

What's on your wish list?

Stacey x

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Beauty UK lipstick in Snob

Hi Beauts.

Superdrug have a lot to answer for when it comes to my ever expanding lipstick collection. I always manage to buy a new lipstick or gloss whenever I 'pop in for shampoo' etc

One of the newest lippies to join my make up bag is Beauty UK's 'Snob'

Now, I have had my eye on this one for a while but never got around to buying it. However after many weeks of being unsure, I just thought 'meh why not' So into my basket it went.

This shade is such a 'me shade' as my cousin would probably tell you. I always go for mauve's or dusky pinks, and I'd say this falls into the latter of the two. It's a dusky, blue toned pink and it's absolutely gorgeous!

I'd never tried any of Beauty UK lip products before this one so wasn't sure what the formula and staying power would be like.

Let's kick it of with pigmentation, application and formula shall we? The pigmentation is intense, the swatch on my wrist and lips is only one swipe, and you can see how opaque it is. I do find it to be a little drying to apply, it isn't as smooth as a glossier lipstick but I think the formula may be a matte even though it doesn't say so.

However, it doesn't feel so matte or drying on the lips. It isn't super smooth but I can mush my lips together with ease (does that sentence even make any sense? I'm sure you girls know what I mean) And it isn't so dry that you have to drag it along your lips, but it doesn't glide on so you do have to apply a little more pressure.

Now for staying power: I applied this just before leaving for work at 6:30 am and when I checked again at 8 am it was still pretty much perfect. However, the next day I had a little snack in between those times and did notice when I checked again, it had worn off quite a lot and I needed to reply. However, which lipstick really stays on strong after eating?

Without eating, I'd say I got around maybe 3 and a half hours decent wear before needing to touch up,  which I think is pretty good going!

This is £3.49 from Superdrug and the Beauty UK website

Have you tried any of Beauty UK's lipsticks? What's your favourite shade?

Stacey x

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Bucket list part TWO

Hi Beauts.

I previously put up a Bucket list post here where I managed to list 50 things I want to do before I die, and today I bring to you another 50! 
I think I may need to live until at least 100 just to get through these bad boys!

51 - Try something new from the menu when I go out for meals
52 - Have a themed party for each holiday (Easter, Christmas, Halloween etc)
53 - Go to Paris DONE
54 - Make pizza from scratch
55 - Learn to knit DONE
56 - Make a patchwork quilt
57 - Go on a boating holiday
58 - Own every colour in converse
59 - Go to Disney Land DONE
60 - Sleep in a hammock
61 - Go jet skiing
62 - Skate on a frozen lake
63 - Go whale watching
64 - Go to a roller rink
65 - Rock climbing
66 - Bury a time capsule 
67 - Eat pasta in Italy
68 - Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years
69 - Go to Edinburgh zoo DONE
70 - Learn to cook
71 - Go to a music festival DONE
72 - Donate blood
73 - Stand with one foot in either side of the boarder (eg: England & Scotland) 
74 - Take a photo every day for a year
75 - Dance in the rain
76 - Have a pet pig
77 - Go to Oktoberfest
78 - Go on a cruise
79 - Ride in a helicopter
80 - Own a beach hut/house
81 - Only eat ice cream for a full day
82 - Visit the walk of fame
83 - Own a french bulldog
84 - Bottle feed a lamb
85 - Make wine
86 - Visit mount Rushmore 
87 - Watch the sunrise on the beach
88 - Make ice cream from scratch
89 - Search for the end of a rainbow
90 - Own my dream home
91 - Play beer pong
92 - Learn to draw/paint
93 - Ice skate in Central Park
94 - Make a rainbow cake
95 - Go to Hawaii 
96 - Learn Pilates 
97 - Go on a safari 
98 - Cage dive with sharks
99 - Climb a mountain
100 - Bake everything in a cookbook 

Do you have a never ending bucket list?

Stacey xo

Monday, 7 July 2014

Gosh Velvet touch eyeliner review

Hi Beauts.

I wouldn't say that I have sensitive eyes, but whenever I use a pencil liner my eyes seem to water slightly in the corners and I end up looking like a panda. I also have trouble keeping liner along my water line throughout the day, again hello panda! 
One of the first waterproof liners I ever tried was the Gosh velvet in Black Ink I figured, it's waterproof so it has to stay put right?

 After using these liners for probably 9 months to a year, I have to say they are the best high street liner I've used. They're smooth and creamy to apply so there's no dragging on your eyes (nobody wants premature wrinkles), they're very pigmented and they are indeed waterproof. Applied to my waterline I got are ounce 5 wear before I noticed the colour payoff start to drop to my lower lashline. My tight line, I got pretty much all day, my lower lashline I'd say I got 3 hours before it started to fade but not drop, and as for my upper lashline it basically stayed put until I removed my make up. 

I'd say these are a good alternative (not a dupe) to the urban decay 24/7 liners, although I do find the urban decay ones a little more creamy and last a little longer. But for (£4.99) each and a wide variety of shades, I'm certainly not complaining.

Have you tried these? 

Stacey x