Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The bright lights of London Town.....

Hi Beauts.

I spent the weekend in London and shall start by saying that being awake for 41 hours is not big or clever and I won't be doing it again....ever!
The fun times began on Saturday at midnight when we boarded our coach and were London bound. Now, the journey wouldn't have been so bad if I'd have woken up at a reasonable time that morning. But no, my body clock hated me and I rose from my pit at 5:30am.

Sunday 4am - Awake for 22 hours and 30 minutes
There's something very peaceful about driving down the country at 4am....the sky turning from black to blue and a pretty mist drifting across the fields like in Pride and Prejudice, when Mr Darcy treks across the moors to declare his love for Elizabeth......then BOOM you're brought back to reality of being sat on the back of a national express coach with the strong odour of pee and the dude behind snoring like a lion. Not exactly what you'd find in a Jane Austin novel, eh? 

Sunday 6:30am - Awake for 25 hours
Hola London we have arrived!
We arrived at Victoria coach station at 6:30am and figured since we had time to kill (E didn't have to be at her lecture until 9:30am) we'd take a nice little stroll to Oxford street. BIG mistake because said stroll wasn't little at all.... in fact it took us around an hour and a half! We hit Starbucks until E had to head to the Uni then I hit Oxford street for some retail therapy. Only to find that the shops didn't open until 12:30pm, it was in fact only 9:30am.

Sunday 12:30pm - Awake for 31 hours
E was finally free and I had managed to walk the length and back of Oxford street 3 times, the security guard outside of Selfridge's must have thought I was a right fruitcake! Anyway, we figured we should probably head for some lunch and do a spot of shopping (Thanks to Kat I managed to get me some Bioderma!) Then once again we had the bright (stupid) idea of walking from Oxford street to Covent Garden where we were staying. Now this would have been bad enough considering it's pretty far out. But a blister ontop of a blister, heavy bags and the fact we went in the complete opposite direction made things that little bit worse.

Sunday 5:00pm - Awake for 35 hours 30 mintutes
We finally made it to our hotel (not exactly in one piece) after a pit stop at Starbucks and picking up a few face masks for later. Throwing our bags down, removing our make up and a quick change later we were out the door in search of a Nando's. Filled to the brim with chicken we decided to have a little wander through Covent garden before heading back to the hotel.

Sunday 8:30pm - Awake for 39 hours
Finally limping back to the hotel, we had showers then chilled for a bit with our face masks on. And by 10pm we were tucked up in bed counting sheep.

Our coach home was on Monday at 12:30pm so we decided to head to Starbucks for a coffee and some fruit toast for breakfast. You'd have thought we'd have learnt our lesson and jumped on the tube right? Nope we walked yet again to Oxford street. By this point I'm pretty sure I resembled John Wayne, every muscle in my body ached! We shopped a little and grabbed a drink in McDonalds (E a milkshake and me a pineapple and mango smoothie which FYI is yummy) then hopped on the bus from Oxford street to Victoria. I don't think our little legs would have carried us any further. With heavy hearts (I hate leaving London) heavy bags and heavy feet we boarded our coach back home.

Adios London Town! Thanks for the aches and pains...but more importantly the bioderma :D

Hope you all had a fab and pain free weekend :)

 Stacey x

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