Monday, 27 May 2013

All about the brow

Hi Beauts.

I'm the kind of gal who likes a full, well defined brow. Ever since my friends (Yup I let my friends loose on my brows with a set of tweezers each when I was 13!) tweezed my brows I've been obsessed with filling them in.
My eyebrow crush (and all round girl crush) is Rooney Mara. I love her eyebrows, they're full, defined and definitely add a little character to her ever so beautiful face - hello brow envy! (Let's tally up how many times I actually say brow. Ready....GO!)

Why am I waffling on about brows I hear you say? Well, today I thought I'd share with you my three favourite high-street brow products:

MUA eyebrow pencil

The MUA pencils are extremely pigmented and soft, which makes application (in my opinion) so much easier as you're not pulling at the skin surrounding your brow. One end of the pencil is the actual product and the other is a small comb/brush, which makes this great for travel.
Shades - 2
Price - £1.00
Product - (Can't find product amount anywhere)
Stars - 4.5

Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil

The Rimmel eyebrow pencil is actually the first pencil/product that I ever used, but being a make up geek I always wanted to try alternative products too. Again this is pigmented, not as much as the MUA, and isn't as  soft as the MUA pencil either. You need to press a little harder when using this one. This pencil also comes with a comb/brush on the lid, again great for travel however if you lose the lid, you lose the brush. I also know from previous experience the bristles actually fall out pretty easily.

Shades - 3
Price - £2.99
Product - 1.4g
Stars - 4.5

MUA pro brow kit

Last but not least is the MUA pro-brow kit. This kit contains 3 brow powders, 1 of which can be used as a highlight to give better definition, and a fixing gel. The great thing about this is that if you can't find your perfect shade you can mix the shades together. The kit also comes with a small brush and a small set of tweezers which are both actually pretty good. I do think that using a powder gives a more natural finish, but I guess it just depends what you prefer to use. I've recently started using a pencil to fill them in then I go over with the powder for a more natural look.

Shades - 3 in 1
Price - £3.50
Product - 5.9g
Stars 4.5

As you can tell, I like each of these products equally, it just depends what I want to use on the day. I'd recommend each of these, I personally think they're amazing!

What do you use? Also, has anyone used one of those brow razors? I have some stray hairs along the top of my brow which I want to get rid of but I've never tried anything and, well knowing my luck I'd end up brow-less if I used a wax!

Stacey x


  1. I got the MUA pro kit recently from a blog sale as I had been wanting to try it for ages. I Love it, it's so good for the price. Love your 3 reviews.

    Hayley @


  2. It's great isn't it?! I love that it has different shades and a setting gel

    Thank you :)

    Stacey x