Wednesday, 8 May 2013

TAG What's in my bag

Hi Beauts.

I'm sure you've all seen the vast amount on tag videos on YouTube, and probably the most popular one is the 'What's in my bag' tag. I won't lie to you all that's maybe one of my favourite types of video's to watch.....I'm nosey what can I say?
So today I thought I'd share what's in my bag, I can't promise that there'll be anything interesting in it though!

My bag is from Accessorize and I first spotted it last summer, then when I went out to buy it it was sold out. However I managed to find one in the January sales!! So instead of £35.00 I got it for £17.50 - BARGAIN!

Let's start with the pockets

My Ipod which I love and can't be without
Carmex £2.69. A must have in all bags
Burts bees Mango lip balm £3.69
Vital Radiance lip gloss 01 Translucent £1.00 from Poundland
Miss Sporty Dr Balm glam kiss sos shade 02 £1.99. I saw Miss BudgetBeauty rave about this so had to get one

Now for the main pocket

My address book 99p from The Card Factory - Which I never use but comes in handy if I lose/break my phone ;)
My Notebook 59p from Homebargains. I'm a complete list freak so this is extremely necessary
My Diary 99p from wilkinsons. I've literally only just started using this, I always forget to put things in it because I usually just stick appointments in my phone
Three random pens

Now beauty items

Soap and Glory hand food £5.00
Charlie Pink bodyspray 99p. This is one of my favourite scents, such a girlie smell
Hand sanitiser 99p from Hoebargains
Marks and Spencer Limited collection Butterfly perfume £3.50. Hands down one of my favourite perfumes ever
Tissues 10p from Homebargains
My make up bag

Balmi mint lip balm £4.99
Seventeen  Miracle matte pressed powder £3.99. An absolute must for anyone with oily skin
e.l.f powder brush £3.75. My handle actually snapped off so now it's the perfect kabuki
More Iburpofen
Kleenex Shine absorbing sheets 99p from a random shop
Clips and a nail file
Two prestige lip liners in Silk from a random make up stall

Last but not least

Purse £3.00 from Primark
Extra chewing gum
And a Greek Evil eye pendent

Phew that was a long post! Maybe I should start carrying a smaller bag so I carry less stuff :P

Stacey x

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