Thursday, 30 May 2013

My top e.l.f picks

Hi Beauts.

I've already written a post on my top MUA picks and figured I'd follow up with my favourite e.l.f products. Another inexpensive, great brand. Maybe I'll make this into a series and post my faves from my fave brands....Here's what I love from e.l.f


Blushes £3.75. I find these to be a little hit and miss in terms of pigmentation, however I don't mind when they're not so pigmented because they're buildable. And great for heavy handers ;P I love how sleek the packaging is, and they're a great size for travelling. My two favourites are Mellow Mauve and Peachy Keen


1 - Peaceful Pink conditioning lip balm £3.75. I absolutely love this. This, to me, smells a lot like playdoh which I'm not a huge fan of but I can overlook like because it's a great product. It's very moisturising and gives great colour pay off. This is great for summer to as it contains SPF 15

2 - Lipstick £1.50.Without a doubt one of my all time favourite lipsticks ever. These are extremely pigmented, opaque, not drying and they last all day. My favourite is Classy

3 - Hypershine gloss Currently £1.00. I don't always wear gloss but when I do I like the non sticky variety, and these are perfect. I love that they give off a slight hint of colour too. My favourite is Flirt


Nail Polish £2.50. I've read a few reviews on these saying that people find they chip quite easily, but I find I get at least four/five days wear out of them. They're pretty much one of the longest lasting I own. Two coats and you're good to go. I love Gum pink, especially for the summer

Last but not least, brushes:

Flat top brush £3.75. This is a great multi purpose brush. I love applying liquid foundation with this and of course powder too

Blending brush £1.50. This is great for applying shadow to the outer corner and blending into the crease

Eyeshadow brush £1.50. This is great for packing on colour and I find it to be a great size for smudging liner and shadow along the upper and lower lashline

What are your favourite products?

Stacey x

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pamper day WednesDAY

Hi Beauts.

We all need a bit of a pampering for time to time don't we? I've decided that every Wednesday and Sunday shall be my days to pull out all of the stops and just basically pamper and chill (after work that is!) Hair mask, face mask, nails the whole shebang!
So I thought I'd share the things I'll be using, and if you have any recommendations feel free to share them :)


First up, to remove my make up I'll be using No7 Hot cloth cleanser. I've been using this for a week and really love it, a review shall definitely be on it's way

Next I shall be going all shrek like and using the Anatomicals 'Grease isn't the word' mattifying face mask. Again another great product and one I shall be reviewing

Last up (along with my usual skincare) is Avon Clearskin professional blemish mark treatment. I have a few scars on my chin from spots, so thought I'd give this a little go before I try the more expensive miracle workers


After washing my hair, I'm going to give it a little treat and use a Macadamia deep repair mask. This has been sitting in my stash for ages so I thought now would be the perfect time to try it out

Hair washed and ready to go, time to slap on some Argan oil. I actually found this in Homebargains for 99p!


I don't usually use body scrubs all that often so thought this would be a great time to start. I'll be scrubbing up with Soap and Glory sugar crush body scrub. This smells amazing!

For moisturiser I'm using Soap and Glory The righteous butter. Again, this smells SO good

Finishing up with moisturisers I'm going to be slapping up a load of Soap and Glory Heel genius. We all want nice feet for DARE I SAY IT Summer :p

Last up Hands

To start off, nobody wants horrible cuticles right? So I shall be getting rid as they say using Revlon's gentle cuticle remover

Next up, for base coat I'm using Avon revitacool base coat

For polish I'm going to test out one of the new MUA polishes in Lush Lilac

And to finish everything off, Slopping some Soap and Glory hand food and my VERY sexy Superdrug moisturising hand gloves ;)

That's it, time to get pampered! Do you have your own little spa day at home? What are you're favourite products to use?

Stacey x

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

NYX Round lipstick in Tea Rose

Hi Beauts.

One thing I can't get enough of (other than coffee...and cake..mmmm) is lipstick. My collection is pretty ridiculous, but in my defence I do wear each and every lipstick that I own. One lippy that I had my beady little eye on for quite some time was the NYX round lipstick in Tea Rose. My sister very kindly took note of my 'Have to have' list and bought me one as a stocking filler for Christmas.

This is probably one of the most pigmented lipsticks that I own. One swipe and my lips have complete colour, which you rarely find with High-street lip products.

I applied this at 7am and when I checked to see how it was doing at 10am, it was pretty much exactly as it was when I'd first applied it! How's that for staying power?! About an hour later I had a quick bite to eat (an apple and a bottle of water to be exact :p) and noticed that although my lipstick had faded, the colour pay off was still strong.
At the end of the day, about 4pm the pigmentation wasn't as strong but I noticed that as the lipstick had worn off a pretty stain was left behind on my lips. 

Usually when lipsticks wear off and leave a stain behind I find them to be quite drying, but this wasn't at all. The formula, when first applied, is smooth, creamy and feels quite moisturising and once worn off, there's still a slight moisture.
All in all these lipsticks are amazing in my opinion and I shall definitely be adding more to my shopping list!

The Nitty Gritty

* Price - £3.50
Product - 4g
Shades - 124
* Extremely pigmented 
* Not drying 
* Opaque
* Smooth and creamy formula
* Long lasting
* Once worn off, leaves a pretty stain behind

Have you tried any of the round lipsticks? What are your faves?

Stacey x

Monday, 27 May 2013

All about the brow

Hi Beauts.

I'm the kind of gal who likes a full, well defined brow. Ever since my friends (Yup I let my friends loose on my brows with a set of tweezers each when I was 13!) tweezed my brows I've been obsessed with filling them in.
My eyebrow crush (and all round girl crush) is Rooney Mara. I love her eyebrows, they're full, defined and definitely add a little character to her ever so beautiful face - hello brow envy! (Let's tally up how many times I actually say brow. Ready....GO!)

Why am I waffling on about brows I hear you say? Well, today I thought I'd share with you my three favourite high-street brow products:

MUA eyebrow pencil

The MUA pencils are extremely pigmented and soft, which makes application (in my opinion) so much easier as you're not pulling at the skin surrounding your brow. One end of the pencil is the actual product and the other is a small comb/brush, which makes this great for travel.
Shades - 2
Price - £1.00
Product - (Can't find product amount anywhere)
Stars - 4.5

Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil

The Rimmel eyebrow pencil is actually the first pencil/product that I ever used, but being a make up geek I always wanted to try alternative products too. Again this is pigmented, not as much as the MUA, and isn't as  soft as the MUA pencil either. You need to press a little harder when using this one. This pencil also comes with a comb/brush on the lid, again great for travel however if you lose the lid, you lose the brush. I also know from previous experience the bristles actually fall out pretty easily.

Shades - 3
Price - £2.99
Product - 1.4g
Stars - 4.5

MUA pro brow kit

Last but not least is the MUA pro-brow kit. This kit contains 3 brow powders, 1 of which can be used as a highlight to give better definition, and a fixing gel. The great thing about this is that if you can't find your perfect shade you can mix the shades together. The kit also comes with a small brush and a small set of tweezers which are both actually pretty good. I do think that using a powder gives a more natural finish, but I guess it just depends what you prefer to use. I've recently started using a pencil to fill them in then I go over with the powder for a more natural look.

Shades - 3 in 1
Price - £3.50
Product - 5.9g
Stars 4.5

As you can tell, I like each of these products equally, it just depends what I want to use on the day. I'd recommend each of these, I personally think they're amazing!

What do you use? Also, has anyone used one of those brow razors? I have some stray hairs along the top of my brow which I want to get rid of but I've never tried anything and, well knowing my luck I'd end up brow-less if I used a wax!

Stacey x

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Collective haul

Hi Beauts.

Today I thought I'd do a little haul of a few things I've picked up over the past week. Some things I bought whilst in London and some things when I got back :)

Escada Cherry in the air Perfume which Mam and Dad bought me at the Airport. This has to be the nicest perfume I've ever had!

Avon Supershock gel eyeliner pencil in Blackberry £1.50. I love these liners

Avon nail experts RevitaCool base coat £1.50. I usually use a Sally Hansen base coat but it went all gooey so I needed a new one

Bioderma £4.95 I bought this whilst in London at John Bell & Croyden I haven't tried it yet but shall definitely let you know when I do

Superdrug moisturising gloves 99p. I have really dry hands and someone on twitter (Hi if you're reading) recommended that I try some of these gloves out

Superdrug cucumber facial wipes 99p. I love these for removing the majority of my make up before I use a face wash

MUA nail polish in Stormy Skies and Lush Lilac £1.00 each. These are great for £1.00, can't wait to paint my nails!

MUA bronzer shade 3 £1.00. All bronzers I've used have been too orange on me. Another recommendation from Holly (Thank you) and another purchase. I've actually used this and really like it!

SEVENTEEN on the spot foundation £5.99. I won't say too much about this as I've already written a full review

Yellow dress from Primark £5.00. Believe it or not I have no summer dresses so I thought I'd pick this one up 

My niece bought me a key fob and keyring when she was on holiday <3

Acrylic lipstick holder £2.99 from Ebay I think I should have bought a few of these, great value!

Along came Betty 'Hands that do wishes' hand cream from Tesco £1.29. I have about 6 hand creams already open but seem to a bit of an addiction to buying more!

MUA bronzerr shade 3

MUA nail polishes in Lush Lilac and Stormy Skies

What have you been buying recently?

Stacey x

Saturday, 25 May 2013

SEVENTEEN On the spot foundation Review

Hi Beauts.

Today's post is, unfortunately, a bit of a negative one I'm afraid. Sorry SEVENTEEN.

I'd read numerous reviews saying that SEVENTEEN on the spot foundation was great, it had amazing coverage, the colour was a perfect match and it did great things for the skin. I completely disagree, sorry.

First let's talk about application. After applying my primer, as always, I applied 3 pumps of this foundation all over my face using my fingers, and blended in. The application was unbelievably sheer, not full coverage like it claims. As I worked it into my skin, it began to roll up and remove my primer so I was left with what looked like dead dry skin all over my face. I thought it was my primer being a pain so I washed my face and started again with no primer or moisturiser. It seemed to apply smoother and blend a little better but again the coverage was sheer.
I left it to settle into my skin whilst I applied my concealer and filled in my brows, when I looked into the mirror to check the foundation is had for some reason turned an orange shade.

I bought Soft Ivory which is the lightest shade and the colour match seemed great when I first applied it, but once blended and settled into my skin turned orange. I have no idea why it changed colour so quickly! I have known some foundations to oxidise throughout the day as I have oily skin, but never that fast.

I've tried this a few times now and I've had the same problem each and every time - Sheer coverage, patchy and turns a shade of orange. I think I'm more disappointed because after reading great reviews I had such high hopes.
I don't want this to sound like I'm bashing the company because on a whole I think SEVENTEEN are great. Their mirror shine lipstick in Beehive is one of my favourite lipsticks, and their miracle matte pressed powder is my holy grail powder. I just didn't get along with this foundation at all.

I do love the packaging though!

Have you tried this and had the same experience? Or did it work for you?Let me know in the comments

Stacey x

Friday, 24 May 2013

TAG This or that

Hi Beauts.

I love watching tag videos on YouTube and reading tag blog posts, so today I thought I'd do a 'This or That' post. Basically the little 'story' behind this is you have to imagine that you only have enough money for one or the other of the things below so you have to think about which you could live without, and which you couldn't. I tag you all to give it a go :)

1 - Day cream OR Night cream
2 - Face wash OR Body wash
3 - Face mask OR Hair product
4 - Shampoo OR Conditioner
5 - Deodorant OR Perfume
6 - Hand cream OR Eye cream
7 - Eye primer OR Face primer
8 - Concealer OR Powder
9 - Blush OR Bronzer
10 - Neutral shadows OR Colour shadows
11 - Liquid liner OR Pencil liner
12 - Mascara OR Eyebrow pencil/kit
13 - Lipstick OR Lipgloss
14 - Top coat OR Base coat
 15 - Neutral nails OR Bright nails

1 - Day cream
2 - Face wash
3 - Face mask
4 - Shampoo
5 - Deodorant
6 - Eye cream
7 - Face primer
8 - Powder
9 - Blush
10 - Colour shadows
11 - Liquid liner
12 - Mascara 
13 - Lipstick
14 - Base Coat
15 - Bright nails
Stacey x

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Review Neutrogena Visibly clear 2-in-1 wash and mask

Hi Beauts.

I'm not always faithful to beauty and make up products, there are way too many things out there to be tried and tested right? However one thing that I'm 100% faithful to is the Neutrogena visibly clear 2-in-1 wash and face mask.

I apply this as a mask not a wash, and use it twice a week. It leaves my skin feeling soft and and looking fresh.
I apply this to clean skin (I remove my make up using a Simple baby wipe then wash my face with my face wash) making sure I add a little extra to my chin as this is where I get the odd spot. The directions suggest leaving this on as a mask for 10 minutes but I always just leave it on until it dries. Once dry, I dampen cotton pads and begin to remove the mask, rinsing any left over product off with clean warm water.

I notice a difference in my skin literally straight away. It looks fresh and even, and feels so soft. Whenever I have a spot/blemish and don't want to apply a full mask I slap a dollop of this on the area and leave as I would when I use it as a full face mask. This reduces the redness and size of the spot, and dries it out making it disappear so much faster than any spot treatment I've used before. 

All in all, this is definitely my favourite face mask, especially for spot/blemish prone skin. Now I just need to hunt down the perfect face mask to combat my oily T-zone and I'll be set.

What's your favourite face mask to use?

Stacey x

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My MAC lipstick collection

Hi Beauts.

Let's get lippy! Today I bring to you my MAC lipstick collection. I have 7 lippies to share with you today, and have to say I actually love and wear each and every one of them. Obviously I have my favourites ;) But we shall get to that in a bit.
Let the swatching commence!

You may notice a little theme here...I like nudes and pinks :P

Innocence Beware - Creamsheen

Cremecup - Creamsheen

Angel - Frost

Shy Girl - Creamsheen

Lovelorn - Lustre

Viva Glam Cyndi - Lustre

Plumful - Lustre

MAC lipsticks are £14.00 each which I shall admit, I think they're pretty damn expensive. However MAC do a fabulous thing called Back To MAC, where you take 6 empty eyeshadow pots, lipstick tubes, brush cleaner bottles (basically anything that has 'Back to MAC' on the box) and you can pick a lipstick of your choice from the permanent line. Pretty nifty right?

What's your favourite MAC lipstick?

Stacey x

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The bright lights of London Town.....

Hi Beauts.

I spent the weekend in London and shall start by saying that being awake for 41 hours is not big or clever and I won't be doing it again....ever!
The fun times began on Saturday at midnight when we boarded our coach and were London bound. Now, the journey wouldn't have been so bad if I'd have woken up at a reasonable time that morning. But no, my body clock hated me and I rose from my pit at 5:30am.

Sunday 4am - Awake for 22 hours and 30 minutes
There's something very peaceful about driving down the country at 4am....the sky turning from black to blue and a pretty mist drifting across the fields like in Pride and Prejudice, when Mr Darcy treks across the moors to declare his love for Elizabeth......then BOOM you're brought back to reality of being sat on the back of a national express coach with the strong odour of pee and the dude behind snoring like a lion. Not exactly what you'd find in a Jane Austin novel, eh? 

Sunday 6:30am - Awake for 25 hours
Hola London we have arrived!
We arrived at Victoria coach station at 6:30am and figured since we had time to kill (E didn't have to be at her lecture until 9:30am) we'd take a nice little stroll to Oxford street. BIG mistake because said stroll wasn't little at all.... in fact it took us around an hour and a half! We hit Starbucks until E had to head to the Uni then I hit Oxford street for some retail therapy. Only to find that the shops didn't open until 12:30pm, it was in fact only 9:30am.

Sunday 12:30pm - Awake for 31 hours
E was finally free and I had managed to walk the length and back of Oxford street 3 times, the security guard outside of Selfridge's must have thought I was a right fruitcake! Anyway, we figured we should probably head for some lunch and do a spot of shopping (Thanks to Kat I managed to get me some Bioderma!) Then once again we had the bright (stupid) idea of walking from Oxford street to Covent Garden where we were staying. Now this would have been bad enough considering it's pretty far out. But a blister ontop of a blister, heavy bags and the fact we went in the complete opposite direction made things that little bit worse.

Sunday 5:00pm - Awake for 35 hours 30 mintutes
We finally made it to our hotel (not exactly in one piece) after a pit stop at Starbucks and picking up a few face masks for later. Throwing our bags down, removing our make up and a quick change later we were out the door in search of a Nando's. Filled to the brim with chicken we decided to have a little wander through Covent garden before heading back to the hotel.

Sunday 8:30pm - Awake for 39 hours
Finally limping back to the hotel, we had showers then chilled for a bit with our face masks on. And by 10pm we were tucked up in bed counting sheep.

Our coach home was on Monday at 12:30pm so we decided to head to Starbucks for a coffee and some fruit toast for breakfast. You'd have thought we'd have learnt our lesson and jumped on the tube right? Nope we walked yet again to Oxford street. By this point I'm pretty sure I resembled John Wayne, every muscle in my body ached! We shopped a little and grabbed a drink in McDonalds (E a milkshake and me a pineapple and mango smoothie which FYI is yummy) then hopped on the bus from Oxford street to Victoria. I don't think our little legs would have carried us any further. With heavy hearts (I hate leaving London) heavy bags and heavy feet we boarded our coach back home.

Adios London Town! Thanks for the aches and pains...but more importantly the bioderma :D

Hope you all had a fab and pain free weekend :)

 Stacey x

Saturday, 18 May 2013

London's calling

Hi Beauts.

So today's post is a little bit exciting because my cousin and I are heading down to London town. My cousin is currently studying to become a solicitor (proud big cousin) and has lectures tomorrow that she needs to attend.
The not so exciting part is that we're actually heading down there by coach at midnight and arriving at 6:30am tomorrow morning......eeek!! Lots of Starbucks shall be in order I think.
Anywhoo my reason behind this post is to share with you all what I'll be taking with me (beauty wise). I always enjoy reading posts like this because, well I'm nosy!

Let's get cracking:

To keep me entertained whilst E is in her lectures (and for the humongous coach ride) I have my Blogging notebook, my Ipad mini, Glamour magazine and my kindle.

To keep me smelling fresh I have my Versace Bright Crystal perfume. And so I don't scare people off, I have my make up bag which is from Primark

Let's talk make up

I have my SmashBox Photo Ready primer, Revlon colorstay foundation, Collection lasting perfection concealer, SEVENTEEN miracle matte pressed powder, Rimmel blush in Pink Rose and MUA Undress your skin highlighter

For eyes I have my SmashBox Photo finish eye primer, Urban Decay Naked basics palette, Pixi Eye bright liner, MUA Extreme felt liner, Smashbox Full exposure mascara and Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil

I'm ridiculously indecisive when it comes to choosing a lipstick to wear, so I'm taking three with me :P First up is Rimmel lasting finish in 006 Pink Blush, next is Collection lasting colour in 8 Sweet tart and lastly is MUA shade 2. I also have a mini No7 liplicious moisturising lip balm in Marshmallow

Last but not least is brushes
Face brushes I have, The e.l.f flat top powder brush, for highlighter I have the Avon angled brush and for blush I have the e.l.f blush brush
For eyes I have a random dome brush which I use for highlight, my MAC 217, Crown C200 deluxe crease brush, Crown C218 blending fluff brush, an e.l.f eyeshadow brush and a Celia Birtwell eyeshadow brush

I'll more than likely only use about 2 of the eyebrushes, but better to have too many than not enough right?!

Do you travel light when you go away?

Have a great weekend everyone :)

Stacey x 

Friday, 17 May 2013

My top MUA picks

Hi Beauts.

One of my favourite hightstreet/drugstore make up brands has to be MUA (Make Up Academy) . Their products are inexpensive, pigmented (I will be using that word A LOT in this post) and they have a variety of shades in each product.
Today I thought I'd do a little overview of which products and shades are my favourite, and let me tell you it wasn't easy narrowing the list down :P


Powder blusher in shade 2. These blushes are extremely pigmented, easy to blend and very long lasting. What I love is that they aren't chalky at all, like some other highstreet brands. There is a little fall out but for £1.00 I'm definitely not complaining

Blush perfection cream blusher in Yummy. I have oily skin so was in two minds whether or not to try these out, and I'm so glad I did. Some of the shades aren't as pigmented as others but are buildable. However this one is. They are very blendable and best of all stay put all day

Single eyeshadow in shade 20. This has to be the blackest black eyeshadow I've used yet, and whoops MAC's Carbon's ass! It's EXTREMELY pigmented and is very easy to blend

Extreme felt liner. My all time favourite liner. I've already posted a review so I'll keep this short and sweet, if you haven't tried it yet GO BUY IT :)

Eye primer. This is my go-to eyeshadow primer. It has a great consistency, not too thick not too thin, makes eyeshadows pop and keeps them in place all day

Lipsticks in shades 2 and 13. I couldn't choose just one shade so picked two, cheeky! These lipsticks are SO pigmented and have great staying power. With the darker and brighter shades, I've noticed they leave a nice stain behind once the colour has worn off. This red is one of my all time faves to wear

Intense kisses lip gloss in Lips are sealed. The main thing I like about these glosses, other than the pigmentation (See there I go again with the P word!) is that they aren't sticky at all, and they stay on longer than most other glosses I've tried

Power pout in Irreplaceable. I love everything about this, from it's minty scent to the application, to lasting power and a huge bonus is I don't need a pencil sharpener! Genius.


Eyebrow pencil in Brunette. I recently discovered this pencil and have been loving it. It gives a soft natural look, is the perfect shade for me and comes with a little comb/brush

Nail polish in Pistachio Ice cream. This is my new favourite nail polish. I've wanted Essie's Mint candy apple for the longest time, but after buying this shade I don't think I need it anymore! Two coats and your good to go, and it lasts 3 days before chipping which I think is great. Usually I chip my nails within the first 24 hours!

Phew that was a long post. Did I lose anyone along the way?!

What are your favourite MUA products?

Stacey x

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Review Smashbox limitless eye liner

Hi Beauts.

Time for my yet another review of a product  from the ever so wonderful Try it kit, today - the Limitless eye liner

'Our waterproof, long-wearing liner provides bold definition for up to 8 hours'

I'm a huge fan of black liners and an even bigger fan of liners that stay put. Bring onto the stage this bad boy. For the past week and a bit I've been testing this out and I have to say I'm extremely impressed with the results.

First test - Upper lashline. I don't usually like wearing pencil liners along my upper lashline because I find them to be either too soft, making them smudge and difficult to get a perfect line, or too hard causing them to tug at my lid. This did neither. It's the perfect consistency, not too soft or thick. I was also able to create winged liner with this, usually another problem I have with pencil liners - the wing's usually vanished within an hour or so. This didn't move from my lashline all day, I had my make up on for around 10 hours and my liner was still perfect when it came to removing it. 5 stars

Second test - Tight line. This was so soft and creamy to apply to my tight-line (that whole sentence sounds oh so wrong!) and I found it to be extremely pigmented. It did transfer to my water line straight after application (I find this happens with every liner) but nothing a cotton bud didn't sort out. There was no transference at all throughout the day and again the staying power was amazing, lasted all day and stayed just as pigmented as when I first applied.

Third test (the biggy) - Waterline. This is when I find out if I truly like a liner. Other than Urban Decay, I haven't found an eyeliner that doesn't budge from my waterline.....until now. Again, pigmented and smooth to apply - no need for premature wrinkles - and it lasted for 5 and a half hours before any started to fade (first time that's ever happened) and I say 'any' because the only fading was a tiny part of my waterline on one eye. I didn't find that this dropped to my under eye area either which is amazing - no looking like a panda!!

Last test - Lower lashline. I very rarely wear eyeliner along my lower lashline because it never seems to look right on me, however for the purpose of this post I did. I applied a thin line and smudged it out so that it didn't look to dramatic and harsh, and I have to say that it was very easy to smudge. Once it had dried (it literally took seconds) it was set for the day and lasted around 7 hours without moving! So if you're a fan of liner on your lower lashline, give this a go

The nitty gritty
* Price - £14.00
* Product - 1.20g
* Shades - 8
* Soft, creamy and pigmented
* Doesn't budge

I honestly don't have a bad word to say about this at all. It's an amazing liner and one that I'd highly recommend if you need something that won't budge. One thing I will say is make sure you have super strength eye make up remover,it's a b****r to remove :P

What's your favourite liner?

Stacey x

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My favourite hair products

Hi Beauts.

I've never really been one for trying out hair products, purely because there's so many out there on the market that I wouldn't know where to start.
That was until about 6 months ago when I ordered a hair serum from Avon. Since then I've tried out the odd few serums etc and found a few faves that I now use on a regular basis, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Batiste Dry shampoo £2.99. This one is in Cherry, which alongside Tropical is my fave. I can't live without this stuff now, I wash my hair twice a week (I used to wash it every other day) so this is a total life saver

Umberto Giannini Glam hair extreme hairspray £5.61 for 200ml. I got my travel size in a gift set at Christmas, but as soon as I run out I will be purchasing the full size. It is a little pricey but it's an excellent hair spray! Keeps hair in place all day and it has to be the nicest smelling hair spray I think I've ever smelt

Pantene Ice shine serum. I love running this through wet and dry hair just to add a little extra shine, and to make my hair feel that much softer

Avon Sleek and Shine smoothing serum £5.50. I also love the Dry ends serum, both pretty much work the same in my opinion. I use this almost every day just on the ends of my hair and it controls any frizz and keeps my hair uber soft. It smells delicious too - Coconut again

Herbal essences intensive hair mask. I actually found this in Poundland believe it or not! It usually retails at £3.99 so I found a great bargain. I love all of their hair masks, the smell amazing - fruity/coconut and leave my hair super soft

Naked Shine glossing hair treatment. Another little bargain from Poundland, one of which I'm sure every beauty blogger bought. This leaves my hair so soft and shiny it's unreal. And it smells beautiful

Tangle Teezer £10.99. I think everyone and their mother has one of these by now. I can't be without this, I never use anything else to brush my hair. It doesn't pull the hair at all and it leaves my hair feeling so nice afterwards

Well that's it for my favourite hair products, what are yours? Also, if anyone has any recommendations for products that give volume feel free to share. I hardly ever wear my hair down because it's so flat, so I'm open to suggestions

Stacey x 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My every day make-up

Hi Beauts.

One thing among many that I enjoy about the beauty community is finding out about new (and old) products. I'm sure I'm not alone when it comes to trying out different things, I'm a sucker for lipstick and blush. However, one thing I'm set in my ways with is my make up routine  Well basic products that is, I can never get enough eye shadows, blush, highlights and lip products. 
So I thought I'd do a quick little post on the products I use every day, and if you have any recommendations I may even give something new a try!

I got my make up bag from Avon, and I'm pretty sure it was free when I spent over a certain amount. I love the fact that it's big enough for all of my products, and it has somewhere to hold my concealer etc

Lets start with face:
Avon mattifying mineral face cream SPF30 £5.40
No7 Beautifully matte make up base £10.50
Revlon colorstay for oily/combination in 180 Sand beige £12.49
Garnier anti-dark circles eye roll on £10.49
Collection lasting perfection concealer in 1 Fair £4.19

Now onto eyes:
Soap and Glory It's about prime £8.00
MUA extreme felt liner in Black £2.00
Accessorize  volumising mascara £5.00
Soap and Glory Thick and fast £10.00
MUA pro brow kit £3.50
Pixi eye bright liner £10.50
The powder I use and forgot to add in is SEVENTEEN miracle matte pressed powder £3.99

And that's my basic make up that I use each day. I have oily skin, so if you have any recommendations for any primers/foundations feel free to leave them in the comments :)

Stacey x

Monday, 13 May 2013

Mint Manicure Monday

Hi beauts!

Today's post is going to be a little nail post. Recently I bought MUA nail polish in Pistachio Ice cream, and I absolutely love it

I decided to pair it with Barry M nail paint in 319 Foil

I love these two polishes together. With the MUA I used two coats and the Barry M I used one. I've tried an MUA nail polish in a different shade before and it had great staying power, so I have high hopes for this one too.

What nail polish are you currently sporting?

P.S You can find me on Pinterest and Instagram - 'Peacelvmakeup' too :) 

Stacey x