Wednesday, 28 August 2013

August favourites

Hi Beauts.

Here are my favourite products from August :)


MUA fixing mix - I bought this when it first came out but had my Urban Decay De slick on the go, so didn't use this all that much. My UD ran out so I reached for this and haven't put it down since. It keeps my make up on all day, and I'd say it's just as good as the UD setting spray

Rimmel lasting finish and Garnier BB cream for oily skin - This BB cream fast became my favourite face product after the first use. Because I love it so much, I pretty much neglected any other foundation I owned (I usually only ever have 1 foundation on the go). So I decided to mix the the Rimmel lasting finish in with the BB cream, and I loved the finish, colour and coverage. So that's what I've been wearing every day for the whole month


Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Whiskey - Usually on a daily basis I wear black winged liner, but literally this whole month I've been skipping that step and just tight lining with this pencil liner. Because its brown its not as harsh as wearing black, but it still makes my top lashes look thicker and fuller


Palmolive body wash in musky rose - I'm not usually one for buying the same body wash/shampoo/conditioner etc as I'm a bit wild and like to mix it up. However, this is probably my third bottle of this and I absolutely love it. If you don't like rose scented things then this definitely isn't it for you, however I love it

What were you loving?

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Stacey xo

Monday, 26 August 2013

All used up in August

Hi Beauts.

I usually leave my empties post till the very last day of the month, but I have bag of empty beauty products that is seriously overflowing so I wanted to do it now. Ready? Lets go!


* Naked Shine glossing hair treatment - I bought this in Poundland a few months back, and I absolutely love it! It left my hair so soft and smooth the next day. Unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere so if any of you Beauts know where I can get more please let me know? REPURCHASE? In a heartbeat RECOMMEND? If you can find it, stock up!

* Batiste dry shampoo in Cherry - This is a Holy Grail item for me and it's something I can't be without. It smells amazing, and best of all it gives you clean looking and smelling hair for an extra day or 2. REPURCHASE? I always do RECOMMEND? Absolutely

* Schwarzkopf supersoft kids detangling spray - The best thing about this if I'm honest is the smell, it smells of strawberry. I don't actually know why I bought this as my hair doesn't really tangle, but after applying it after I've towel dried my hair, it does leave my hair feeling really soft. REPURCHASE? Probably RECOMMEND? If your hair tends to tangle, then yes

Body and scents:

* Lynx attract for her - The label says this is a deodorant body spray, but I'd say they were two different things so it can't be both right? I tried using this as a deodorant but found it too wet so used the rest up as a body spray. It's such a pretty girlie scent and I love it. REPURCHASE? Yes if it was on offer, I wouldn't pay £3 for a body spray. RECOMMEND? Yes if you like sweet girlie scents

* Wilkinsons Exhilarate body spray - This is the body spray that I always buy and I love it. It's kind of a fruity floral scent. REPURCHASE? Always do, and it's 2 for 99p ;) RECOMMEND? Yup

* paradise perfume by Next - This is one of my favourite perfumes! It's such a fruity summery girlie scent, and super cheap REPURCHASE? Definitely! RECOMMEND? Definitely!

* Original Source Vanilla milk and Raspberry shower gel - I was unsure about this as I've tried the lemon scented one and although it did smell nice, it didn't lather. This one did both, and left my skin so soft afterwards. REPURCHASE? Yes. RECOMMEND? If you love the smell of strawberries and cream, then definitely 


* Urban Decay De-slick - I adore this stuff. It keeps my make up shine free and fresh looking all day long. I never need to repowder whenever I use it. REPURCHASE? Absolutely RECOMMEND? If you have oily skin, this is for you

* Wilkinsons Skinology black head tea tree cleanser - This is another product that has shown up in previous empties posts. It's my every day cleanser and I couldn't be without it, I definitely think it helps keep spots at bay. REPURCHASE? Always do RECOMMEND? Yes

* Green People fruit scrub exfoliator - I wasn't too keen on this if I'm honest. There was barely any sand particles and I never felt like my face was completely make up free and clean. REPURCHASE? No RECOMMEND? No


* SEVENTEEN Miracle matte pressed powder - Another Holy Grail and one that lands often in my bag of empties. This keeps me shine free and matte all day, and I never need to touch up my powder throughout the day REPURCHASE? Absolutely RECOMMEND? Again, if you have oily skin then this is the powder for you

* Accessorize volumising mascara, Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara and Avon Inifinitize mascara - I have a mini mascara overview here where I go into more depth about each of these mascara's. The only one I would repurchase is the Accessorize volumising mascara

Well, that's it for mother moth Beauts. What have you been using up through August? 

Stacey x

Friday, 23 August 2013

What I'm taking to NYC

Hi Beauts.

SO, very soon I will be boarding a plane and heading to the big apple. I can't even explain how excited I am! I think I could probably throw up if I'm honest...but I won't, I promise. Anywhoo I wanted to do a quick post of what beauty things I shall be taking with me, I'll also be posting my outfits over on my second blog too.

So lets get into it:

*Dove soap* *The Body Shop mango shower gel* *Nivea Soft Moisturiser* *shampoo and conditioner* *Suncream (Boots own, SPF 20)* and *wilkinsons suncare after sun* 

*Facial buffer from Superdrug*  *Simple moisturising face wash* *small Bioderma* *Clinique 'Happy' perfume* *Nivea fresh deodorant* *Insette cooling face mist* *Clean and Clear dual action moisturiser* and *tropical batiste*

'First aid bag' *plasters* *Virasorb cold sore cream* *Germolene* *Nivea Chapstick* and *L'Occitane hand cream*

Make up - Face: *Garnier BB cream for oily/combination skin* *Smashbox photo finish primer* *SEVENTEEN Miracle matte pressed powder* *Collection lasting perfection concealer* *Topshop 'Innocence' lipstick* and *Clinique lipgloss* (I also have e.l.f blush - pictured below)*

Make up - Eyes: *Naked basics palette* *Smashbox photo ready eye primer* *MUA eyebrow kit* *(elf blush in 'mellow mauve) *MUA extreme felt liner* and *Smashbox full exposure mascara*

I'm actually quite proud that I managed to narrow down my male up to the above! It took some doing and some tough decisions were made :P

Do you usually over pack too? 

Stacey x

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mini Mascara rundown

Hi Beauts.

If I could only have one product from my make up bag for the rest of my life, it would probably be mascara. I think mascara really pulls a look together, and definitely opens up your peepers. Today I thought I'd do a few mini reviews of the mascara's I currently have open/recently finished.

Accessorize volumising mascara - My sister bought this for me for Christmas and I wasn't too sure about it at first if I'm honest. However, I left it for a week or so to dry out a little and ended up loving it. It gave volume, separated and added length. If you like the false lash effect then you'll like this.

Rimmel scandaleyes Flex - When I spotted the advert for this I wasn't going to buy it. I'd previously tried the original scandaleyes and just didn't get along with it at all, I found it clumped up and dropped under my eyes. The Flex doesn't do either, it makes my lashes look huge even with just one coat. I have a full review here. This is my current mascara and definitely one of my favourites.

Avon Infinitize mascara - I bought this a while back whilst it was on offer and was really looking forward to trying it out as I usually love their mascara's. But I'm completely on the fence about it. The formula is  pretty wet even after being left open over a week, the wand is a little funky too. I've managed to almost poke my eyeballs out a fair few times. Although this does separate, it doesn't lengthen or add any volume so I only ever wear it with another mascara and never on it's own. 

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast - This is my second tube of this mascara. The first time I tried this I loved it but not so much this time round. The first time, this did live up to its name: it made my lashes thick and huge, but this time I needed to apply at least 3 coats to notice any difference with my lashes. If you already have full thick lashes, this may be worth a try.

Benefit They're real - I got this tube free with a magazine and once again I was unsure whether or not I'd like it as the beauty community seems divided with this bad boy. When I first opened this I found it very wet so it dropped and smudged throughout the day, not to mention it was a bitch to take off. However, once I'd left it to dry out for a week or so I really liked it. This made my lashes look huge and definitely false, but They're real....get it haha...ha :P It's still a bitch to remove, just make sure you have a good eye make up remover on hand - No7 beautiful skin is a great one.

What's your favourite mascara? 

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Stacey x

Monday, 19 August 2013

MUA blushes

Hi Beauts. 

As you can probably tell from many of my posts, I'm a big fan of the brand MUA. They're inexpensive and are great quality.

One of my favourite products in particular is the blush, I already have a review of their lipsticks.

All of the MUA blushes, whether you choose the powder or cream, are extremely pigmented, easy to blend and last on the skin all day long. I was unsure about the cream blush at first as I have oily skin so I've always stayed well away from cream blush. However, I love these ones. Again they're super pigmented and best of all they don't look overly dewy, they give a nice glow to the skin.

Here are the blushes that I far ;)

Powder blushes £1.00:

Shade 2
Shade 4
Shade 6
Shade 5

Cream blushes £2.00:


New shades in powder blush £1.00:

Bon Bon

Have you tried any MUA blushes yet? Which is your favourite?

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

NOTD: Leopard print accent nail

Hi Beauts

Just a quick post today, I wanted to do a little nail of the day. I painted my nails yesterday and was pretty chuffed with the outcome, I tried a leopard print accent nail and it came out better than I thought it would. I've done my nails similar before but forgot to take pictures DOH bad beauty blogger. However, this time I was armed with my camera

First I started with a beige base, I used Ciate Bon Bon - such a pretty shade:

Next I dotted a darker brown shade in random places on my ring finger(I added another dot once I'd taken the picture). I used Nails inc Palace Gardens Terrace:

Then with a black nail polish, I added circles and 'C' shapes around the brown dots. I used Avon nail wear pro+ in Liquorice and a dotting tool:

And that's it, simple and quick :) 

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Stacey x

Friday, 16 August 2013

Battle of the Black shadows

Hi Beauts.

One shade of matte eyeshadow that I find hard that has got great pigmentation and easy to blend is black. Shimmery blacks are easy to find in most brands, but never a matte shadow. 
I now have three in my collection and wanted to test them all out to see if expensive really does mean better quality.

Lets start with MAC Carbon £12.50 - I got this in a CCO in York, it's from the venomice villains collection. I was really excited when I got it as almost everyone raves about the pigmentation, and say that it's super blendable. This has no pigmentation at all and isn't blendable at all. Not worth the hype or price in my opinion.

Next is Urban Decay Blackout £14.00 - This shade is from my Smoked palette and is like all other UD shadows - smooth, pigmented, creamy and easy to blend out. I absolutely love this eyeshadow and I'd highly recommend it.

Last but not least is a highstreet shadow and is MUA Shade 20 £1.00 - This is hands down AMAZING!  It costs £1.00 and had the quality of what you'd expect from a high end eyeshadow. One swipeof this and you have pure black, no patchiness and full of pigmentation. Again easy to blend, and if for some unknown reason all of my black eyeshadows went missing, this is the one I'd rush out to buy

Have you tried any other matte black shadows?

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Stacey x

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Libster Award

Hi Beauts.

I was nominated for the liebster award by the lovely Lydia. The award is to help bloggers who have just started out/have less than 200 followers get their blog out there and noticed.

The Rules

1 - You must link back to the person who nominated you
2 - You must answer the 11 questions given to you by the nominee before you
3 - You must pick 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to be nominated for the award
4 - You must come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer
5 - You must go to their blog and notify the nominees

Here are the questions Lydia asked:

1 - If you could only ever repurchase one thing, what would it be?
Probably Collection lasting perfection concealer. I feel a little more confident without foundation if I have concealer on :P

2 - When did you first start getting into make up?
I've always been into make up from a young age. My sister and I used to sit in the bathroom watching our Auntie put her make up on

3 - Which celebrities make up do you like the most?
I don't really have one to be honest. I love Kim Kardashian's smokey eyes though

4 - If you could only shop at one shop ever again, which would it be?
Maybe Debenhams, that way I could get my clothes and make up

5 - What is your favourite film?
The Girl with the dragon tattoo. Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig are amazing!

6 - Who is your role model?
Again I don't have one really. I look up to people who have life goals, dream big and just live life to the fullest

7 - If you could date anyone in the world, who would it be?
Pfft there are so many! haha Daniel Craig or Johnny Depp....

8 - What is your favourite lipstick?
This changes on a regular basis. At the minute it's MAC's Innocence beware

9 - Why did you start a blog?
Whenever I want to buy something, make up wise, I always search for reviews online. That got me into reading blogs and I thought it seemed like a great idea

10 - Are you more of a handbag or shoe kinda gal?
I'd say handbags. I'm a converse or combat/military boot girl

11 - What is your favourite beauty brand?
There are so many that I like, but I have to say Revlon as I know that I could get everything I needed from them as far as foundation, powder etc goes

The 11 bloggers I nominate are:

My 11 questions:

1 - What 3 products can't you live without?
2 - Would you rather only be allowed to wear blush, or mascara?
3 - Do you prefer beauty or fashion?
4 - What is 1 thing on your bucket list?
5 - Do you have a product that you have a love/hate relationship with?
6 - What is your best beauty bargain?
7 - What is 1 beauty/make up tip you swear by?
8 - Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
9 - What is 1 product you regret buying?
10 - Who is your favourite youtuber?
11 - What is your favourite book?

Thanks again Lydia!! :) Don't forget to leave your links in the comments so I can be nosey :P

Stacey x

Sinful colors

Hi Beauts.

I'm Stacey, and I'm a bit of a nail polish addict. I seriously think I own way too many nail polishes if I'm honest but I just can't seem to stop buying them! Does anyone else have this problem too?
The fact that I've discovered a new brand doesn't help either, welcome to my life Sinful colors. I stumbled across this brand whilst in Boots a couple of months ago and I've now decided that I need each and every shade. I'm even juggling with the idea of binning the majority of my collection and starting again with Sinful Colors! 

Let's start with the colour selection shall we? There are currently 70 shades in the collection if I'm not mistaken, how's that for choice?! How about finishes? They have Matte, glitter, pearl, shimmer and cream. Not many brands have more than one or two finishes so I think it's great to find a highstreet brand that stocks a variety. 

I found the application to be smooth and the lighter shade wasn't streaky at all (unlike lighter shades from other brands) I only needed two coats and I was good to go. The best thing about these polishes, other than the fact they're £1.99each, is their staying power. I'm so forgetful/lazy when it comes to painting my nails and I never apply a base or topcoat. I figured I'd get maybe a day or two's wear out of these nail polishes without a base and topcoat but I was so very wrong. These polishes lasted 5 days before any chips started to appear! How's that for long wearing?!

This brand has fast become my favourite, and I shall definitely be purchasing so many more shades. But for now, here's the ones that I currently own: 

The Lowdown

Price - £1.99
Product - 15ml
Shades - 70
Available from - Boots
Smooth application
Only two coats needed
Top coat not necessary
Lasts at least 5 days before chipping

Have you tried this brand yet? What's your favourite shade?

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Stacey x

Monday, 12 August 2013

Revlon Vs MUA

Hi Beauts.

When revlon first brought out their just bitten kissable balm stains I was unsure whether they'd be worth the hype. But being a make up, and especially lip product, addict I decided to try one out and have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. However, did I want to pay £7.99 for another then another and then another until I had the whole collection? Not really. I'm not saying £7.99 is expensive, but when you want each shade it really adds up.

Then something great happened, MUA brought out their very own Power Pouts for £3.00 so of course I jumped straight on that! Today I wanted do do a little comparison post and let you all know how very similar these two products are.


Both packaging is a chunky plastic tube and the bottom is a twist up so there's no need to go in search of a humongous pencil sharpener. The colour on the outside is pretty much the same as the product on the inside, which makes searching for the colour you want so much easier.


Each kissable balm stain contains 2.7g of product and each Power pout contains     g. Both have a nice minty scent to them, but the MUA power paint has a slightly stronger scent which I love.


I found the Power pout to have a more of an even coverage than the Revlon balm stain, but both have great pigmentation. The balm stain seems to get darker/brighter (depending upon which shade you have) once applied where as the power pout stays the same. The power pout is also more glossy and moisturising than the balm stain too.

Staying power:

These have pretty much the same staying power as each other, I found them to both have full pigmentation for around 2 and a half hours, then they faded to a lighter shade but left a pretty stain on the lips. The balm stain was a little drying once the product wore off, but the power pout wasn't drying at all. 

All in all, these are both great products and I'd highly recommend both. I personally think they're both extremely similar and both brands have a similar shade range. There's a few shades that I will certainly be picking up.

Do you have either of these? What's your favourite?

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Saturday, 10 August 2013

I don't got the love

Hi Beauts.

Today's post is going to be a bit of a negative one I'm afraid, for I shall be sharing with you some of the products I've tried and just didn't find worked all that well for me. I will sy that just because they didn't work for me doesn't mean they won't work for you. We all have different skin types and preferences so by all means give them a whirl, you may find that you love them.

1 - mac Lip conditioner £11.00 - I wouldn't say that this didn't work for me because it did, I just don't by any means think that the is worth the money. This works just as well as any other Chapstick or lip balm, and they're a fraction of the price. It smells gorgeous and has lasted me ages, but I really can't justify the money

2 - essie nail polish in Ballet slippers £7.99 - Now this is a product that SO many people rave about, and I just don't get it. I knew before I bought it that it would take a couple of coats to get an opaque colour from it, but the more coats I applied the worse it looked. I found it to be very streaky and patchy, and because I had to apply so many coats it took forever to apply. I'm thinking of trying a white nail polish underneath and see if that helps Maybe?

3 - Benetint and posetint - Another favourite amount the beauty community, but one (or 2) that I just can't get away with. when I apply these to my lips as a stain, they look great at first. Then after a while when they start to fade they leave a ring around the inside of my lips as if I've been munching on an ice lolly. It doesn't matter if I apply a little or a lot, it always happens. And as for a cheek stain, they left my foundation looking patchy. I tried them under and over my foundation and couldn't for the life of me get them to look nice.

4 - seventeen on the spot foundation £6.99 - I bought this after reading a few really good reviews and desperately wanted to give it a try. Oh how disappointed was I! I found it sheer (it's supposed to be full coverage) it was difficult to blend, and even though I bought in a pale shade it was orange once it sank into the skin.

5 - 2true 3-in-1 concealer - £1.99 - Another product I'd heard good things about and another product I was disappointed with. I can't really complain about wasting money as this was only £1.99, but it's still disappointing non the less. This was very sheer, he a runny consistency and had very little coverage. The shade would have been great for highlighting under the eyes, but the coverage and consistency put an end to that.

6 - mac eyeshadow in Carbon  -  Every girl needs a matte black eyeshadow in her collection, and almost every girl on YouTube has MAC's Carbon. I didn't mind paying the money for this as I always use black for a smokey eye or just to darken whatever look I'm wearing. However once again I was majorly disappointed. This has very little pigmentation and is really hard to blend out, which to be honest really surprised me for a MAC shadow.

7 - Soap and Glory Kick ass concealer . - I wanted this for so long and was really excited when I finally decided to buy it. I thought that I'd love it, but unfortunately I didn't at all. It was way to thick in my opinion) for under my eyes, and it creased like a mofo which I never usually have with concealer. I also tried the darker shade to cover blemishes but it was to orange for my skin.

Well that's all the products I haven't loved. Like I say, these may work great for some of you and not so great for the rest of you. If you have any suggestions on how I can make any of the above work feel free to leave them in the comments :)

What's one product that you've been really disappointed with?

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Stacey x

Thursday, 8 August 2013

e.l.f nail polish review

Hi Beauts.

I'm pretty sure we're all well aware of the fact that I'm a complete nail polish junkie. I personally find that many highstreet brands are so much better at producing great quality nail polish. I have a few OPI, China Glaze and Essie, and have to say I reach for the more inexpensive polishes in my collection.

One brand that I find do amazing polishes is e.l.f. I bought my first polish when I made my first ever order, and now every time I place an order I have to add a nail polish to my list.

The application of these nail polishes is smooth with no streaks and I find I need 1 or 2 coats, depending on the shade, and they dry relatively quickly.
As for staying power, these are one of the longest lasting I've tried yet. I get up to 4 or 5 days wear before any chips start to appear - and that's without a base and top coat.

If you haven't tried these yet, I'd definitely recommend giving them a go. You won't be disappointed! 

Here are the shades I have:

Gum Pink
Mango Madness
Teal Blue
Mod Mauve
Desert Haze

The Lowdown:

Price: £2.50
Product: 10ml
Shades: 31
Smooth to apply
Two coats needed
Lasts 4/5 says before chipping

Which is your favourite highstreet nail polish?

Find out what I'm up to over the summer here :)

Stacey x