Saturday, 18 May 2013

London's calling

Hi Beauts.

So today's post is a little bit exciting because my cousin and I are heading down to London town. My cousin is currently studying to become a solicitor (proud big cousin) and has lectures tomorrow that she needs to attend.
The not so exciting part is that we're actually heading down there by coach at midnight and arriving at 6:30am tomorrow morning......eeek!! Lots of Starbucks shall be in order I think.
Anywhoo my reason behind this post is to share with you all what I'll be taking with me (beauty wise). I always enjoy reading posts like this because, well I'm nosy!

Let's get cracking:

To keep me entertained whilst E is in her lectures (and for the humongous coach ride) I have my Blogging notebook, my Ipad mini, Glamour magazine and my kindle.

To keep me smelling fresh I have my Versace Bright Crystal perfume. And so I don't scare people off, I have my make up bag which is from Primark

Let's talk make up

I have my SmashBox Photo Ready primer, Revlon colorstay foundation, Collection lasting perfection concealer, SEVENTEEN miracle matte pressed powder, Rimmel blush in Pink Rose and MUA Undress your skin highlighter

For eyes I have my SmashBox Photo finish eye primer, Urban Decay Naked basics palette, Pixi Eye bright liner, MUA Extreme felt liner, Smashbox Full exposure mascara and Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil

I'm ridiculously indecisive when it comes to choosing a lipstick to wear, so I'm taking three with me :P First up is Rimmel lasting finish in 006 Pink Blush, next is Collection lasting colour in 8 Sweet tart and lastly is MUA shade 2. I also have a mini No7 liplicious moisturising lip balm in Marshmallow

Last but not least is brushes
Face brushes I have, The e.l.f flat top powder brush, for highlighter I have the Avon angled brush and for blush I have the e.l.f blush brush
For eyes I have a random dome brush which I use for highlight, my MAC 217, Crown C200 deluxe crease brush, Crown C218 blending fluff brush, an e.l.f eyeshadow brush and a Celia Birtwell eyeshadow brush

I'll more than likely only use about 2 of the eyebrushes, but better to have too many than not enough right?!

Do you travel light when you go away?

Have a great weekend everyone :)

Stacey x 


  1. I always Take way too much stuff with me when I head away! I'm always afraid I'll either forget something or I'll need something that I didn't bring with me! Hope you enjoy your trip to London! I love reading these kind of posts x

    1. That's how I think too, better to have too much than too little right? ;) Ah thank you, have a great weekend!

      Stacey x