Saturday, 21 June 2014

Make Up Revolution lipstick in Enchant

Hi beauts.

Quite a while back now, I posted a small haul post of some Make up revolution products that I bought. I've already reviewed a few other products which I have linked at the end, and wanted to share my thought on the lipstick in Enchant that I got. I wasn't too sure which colour to pick out when I placed my order, so went for the safe option of a pink

As soon as I opened this, I knew I'd get so much use out of it. Although I have quite a few pink shades in my collection already, I don't have one like this.

I'd describe the shade as a medium blue toned pink, and if you love purple pinks then you'll be a fan of this.

I figured from swatching it that it would be a very creamy formula, and as I applied it to my lips I was right. It's probably the creamiest, smoothest lipstick I own, it literally glides on like butter and left my lips feeling moisturised.

Can such a creamy lipstick be long lasting? It can indeed. I first applied this at 7am, and 2 hours, a cup of coffee and a Milky Way later, my lipstick was still intact. Granted it wasn't as vibrant as it was at 7am but I still had a fair amount of colour and my lips still felt moisturised.
I did wear off completely by around 11am which in my opinion, is amazing!!

I can't wait to try out more shades!

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Which colour should I next add to my collection?

Stacey x

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

L.A Colors eyeshadow review

Hi Beauts.

A few weeks ago I picked up two eyeshadows from the brand L.A Colors which I've been using pretty much every day since I got them, and I think they're too good not to share.

The two shades I bought are 'Bare' which is a matte cream and 'Bare Mauve' which is nothing like a mauve. It's a medium warm toned matte brown, and I use it almost every day as a transition shade.

Both shades are extremely pigmented, which I find very rare when it comes to matte eyeshadows from the highstreet/drugstore. 
I love how they apply and blend to. They're so soft and buttery to apply to the lid, and blend out so easily! I do sometimes find that if I pack too much of 'Bare' onto a brush, it can be a little powdery, however I mostly use it as a highlight so never need a lot anyway.

As I mentioned, I use 'Bare Mauve' as a transition shade, and there have been days when I haven't wanted too much going on with my eyes so I use 'Bare' all over and 'Bare Mauve' in the crease.

Although the packaging does look a little cheap, I really like it. It's sturdy, each shade is printed on the back, and the whole front of the casing is clear so you can see the whole product and colour you're buying. These eyeshadows also come with a sponge applicator attached to the inside of the lid. I don't use sponge applicators, but I do think it's a great idea if you want to throw the pot in your make up bag and want to touch up throughout the day.

I picked mine up from Boyes for £1.00 each, but haven't spotted them anywhere else. Have you seen this brand anywhere?

Stacey x

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Barry M matte nail paint in 'Espresso'

Hi Beauts.

When it comes to nail polish, Barry M is probably my favourite brand. I find it to be long lasting, super inexpensive and the range of colours and finishes is huge, not to mention the brand is cruelty free. 

Speaking of finishes, one to hit the shelves not too long ago were the matte polishes in a range of  5 shades. I did actually buy the shade 'Burgundy Crush' a few weeks ago, but the one that I really wanted to try (but was always out of stock) was the shade 'Espresso' which is a black. 

Black polish is pretty much a staple for me and the idea of a matte black drew me in hook, line and sinker. I know from past experience that Barry M nail paints last quite a while without chipping, but wasn't so sure about how well the matte finish would hold up. Let me tell you, it lasted on my nails for 6 days before the tiniest chip appeared! Not bad going right? 

To be honest, if my nails hadn't have grown a little bit I could have painted over the little chip up and nobody would have even noticed. This formula also seems to be the quickest to dry, I applied one coat and by the time I got to my little finger I was ready to apply a second on my thumb. 

As for the matte finish, it really is matte. I did notice that towards the end of the week my nails got a tiny bit shiny but not at all as glossy as a regular polish. 

If you haven't already added the matte shades to your nail polish collection, I definitely think you should.

What is your favourite nail polish finish from Barry M?

Stacey x

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Top tips for lips

Hi Beauts.

As we know summer is (hopefully) heading this way pretty soon, which means it's time to break out the bright and bold lipsticks. Which means those pout need to be looking pretty and perfect. 

The tips I'm going to share are some that I've heard make up artists swear by, and some that I've found work through trial and error. Let's get into it shall we?

Tip 1:

If your going for a bold shade, such as red, or a matte lipstick make sure to exfoliate your lips and get rid of any dry dead skin. The Lush lip scrubs are perfect for this, or you can mix a little sugar with olive oil to make your own.

Tip 2:

For a fuller pout, use a lip liner that matches your chosen lipstick (or one that matches your lips) and line your Cupid's bow - the pointed part of your top lip, and the centre of your bottom lip. Don't forget to fill in the rest of your lips too, then apply your lipstick or lipgloss.

Tip 3:

If you want fuller looking lips but don't have a lip liner, apply your chosen lipstick or gloss then chose a shade of gloss that is lighter and has a little shimmer. Apply this only to the centre of your top and bottom lip, doing this gives a highlight effect and makes your lips appear bigger.

Tip 4: 

If you have a fuller bottom lip and a thinner top lip, take a lip liner and draw a straight line along the highest points of your Cupid's bow, making sure to fill in the rest of your lips with the liner followed by your favourite lipstick/lipgloss.

Tip 5:

And finally, for a longer lasting lip colour start off my blotting your lips to remove any moisture. Next apply your lipstick and blot again. Apply another layer of lipstick, and finish off my applying a ting amount of loose translucent powder.

Do you have any favourite tips to keep your pout looking pretty?

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Stacey x

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Fab Five Favourites part 4: Eyes

Hi Beauts.

Time for my last 'fab five favourites' This time, my favourite eye products:

1 - MUA brow kit - This is my all time favourite eyebrow product. I used to prefer pencil over powder as it seemed quicker, however I know choose powder over pencil as I think it gives a more natural look. I mix the lightest and darkest shades to get the perfect colour for my brows, and I use the warm toned shade as a transition shade for my eyeshadow

2 - P.S Love felt tip liner - I'm a massive fan of a couple of felt tip liners, but since buying this one I think I've found my new favourite. The tip is perfect; not too flexible but flexible enough, it's a super black liner, it isn't too wet and it lasts all day long.

3 - Crown C200 brush - This is my all time favourite blending brush, it blows everything else out of the water! It is the perfect aize for the crease, the perfect density for blending out shadow and the best brush for applying a transition shade to the crease.

4 - Soap and Glory What's nude quad - This will always be my go to palette. It has everything you need for a natural or intense eye look. There's a matte off white highlight, a light matte beige for transition, a dark matte brown to add depth and a shimmery taupe to create a pretty smokey eye

5 - MUA Lash boom mascara - This is a a mascara that pleasantly surprised me. I was unsure whether or not I'd like the wand due to it's shape, and after using it once I fell in love. The wand gives separation, volume and length, such a great product!

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What eye products would you add to your list?

Stacey x