Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Make Up Revolution blush in Treat

Hi Beauts.

I bring to you yes, another make up revolution review. This time around I shall be reviewing their powder blush in 'Treat'

I currently own two other powder blushes from the brand, and was so impressed by the quality that I just had to add another to my collection.
I usually gravitate towards pinks, mauve's and berries, but decided to move out of my comfort zone and pick this shade up which is more of a peach blush.

As I already mentioned, this is a peach shade and is so pretty. I've worn this with and without bronzer and contour and just love it both ways.
Without bronzer and contour it just adds a little warmth to the cheeks and really makes the skin look glowy. With bronzer and contour, it definitely helps pull out the contour and helps the cheek bones look more defined and just brings the whole bronzed look together.

One of the reasons I've tried to stay away from peach shades in the past, is because I find them to be a little warm toned for me and can pull of quite an orange tone on my skin. However, this one doesn't do that at all and looks beautiful on my pale skin.

The pigmentation is so intense with all of the blushes I've tried from MUR and I find myself reaching for a stippling brush to apply as I can sometimes be a little heavy handed. They blend out so well and I've had no problem with fall out or them being too powdery.

For £1.00 per blush, we're really getting a bargain!!! I shall definitely be adding more shades to my ever expanding blush collection, and I look forward to trying out their cream blushes too.

What's your favourite Make Up Revolution item in your collection?

Stacey x 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Gosh velvet touch lip liner in Nougat Crisp

Hi Beauts.

Trends surround us every day, whether it be fashion or make up. I don't follow either to be honest, I like to just rock whatever I fancy that day. That's not to say I don't sometimes dip into a certain trend, and one that I've been pretty caught up with lately is the 'Kylie Jenner lip'.

So many people are sporting the dark brown nineties nude aren't they? I've never been one for brown shades as they never seemed to suit me, however this one I couldn't pass up.
Whilst raking through my make up collection yesterday I rediscoverd a lip liner I bought about a year ago, and seemed to forget about: Gosh velvet touch lip liner in 'Nougat Crisp'

I fancied something different to the berries and mauves I'd been wearing for the past couple of weeks, so applied this liner and knew this was going to be my go to look for quite a while. This shade is a little more on the warmer side, but is definitely that nineties colour and I'm in love.

Gosh lip liners are great if you want long lasting colour. I applied this shade at around 12pm yesterday, and it was still perfect when I got to work at 2:15pm and I'd eaten a packet of crisps.....how's that for staying power? Another thing I love is how creamy they are, they just glide on without any pulling or dragging the lips.

The gosh liners retail for £4.99 which is a whole lot less expensive than some of the lip products out there. 

I may just need to pop to Superdrug and buy myself a back up before they fly off the shelves!

Are you currently rocking the Kylie Jenner lip? 

Stacey x

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner

Hi Beauts.

Let's talk eyeliner. Felt tip eyeliner. I've used around 3 or 4 from different brands now and have loved 2 in particular so far, I'm so fickle sometimes. 

Today I'm here to declare my love for the Eyeko skinny felt tip liner that I've been using for a month or so and just can't seem to give it up. 

When it comes to any eyeliner, whether it be liquid or felt tip, I need the tip of the applicator to be quite short and firm. I've used liquid liners that have had a long thin and very flexible tip and I just ended up looking like someone clocked me in the eye. 
This Eyeko pen is perfect; the tip is the exact size and has just enough flexibility to allow precision and it's so easy to use and control. Once you've created the line and flick your heart does so desire, it's there for the rest of the day and there ain't no budging it. 
I apply my make up at 5:30 each morning, and usually get home around 6:30pm that evening and my eye make up is the exact same as that morning. 

The pigmentation is intense, if you're looking for the blackest of black then this is the one you want. Not once have I had to go over my liner when using this, one swoosh and it's perfect.

It is a little more pricey (£12.00) than I've paid for liner before, but it's worth every penny. I'll definitely be repurchasing when this one dries out. Which may I add, is taking a while!! I've had this opened for quite a while and it still works like the first day I tried it.

Now I need to try their skinny mascara too!!

Have you tried anything from Eyeko? What would you recommend?

Stacey x