Tuesday, 28 May 2013

NYX Round lipstick in Tea Rose

Hi Beauts.

One thing I can't get enough of (other than coffee...and cake..mmmm) is lipstick. My collection is pretty ridiculous, but in my defence I do wear each and every lipstick that I own. One lippy that I had my beady little eye on for quite some time was the NYX round lipstick in Tea Rose. My sister very kindly took note of my 'Have to have' list and bought me one as a stocking filler for Christmas.

This is probably one of the most pigmented lipsticks that I own. One swipe and my lips have complete colour, which you rarely find with High-street lip products.

I applied this at 7am and when I checked to see how it was doing at 10am, it was pretty much exactly as it was when I'd first applied it! How's that for staying power?! About an hour later I had a quick bite to eat (an apple and a bottle of water to be exact :p) and noticed that although my lipstick had faded, the colour pay off was still strong.
At the end of the day, about 4pm the pigmentation wasn't as strong but I noticed that as the lipstick had worn off a pretty stain was left behind on my lips. 

Usually when lipsticks wear off and leave a stain behind I find them to be quite drying, but this wasn't at all. The formula, when first applied, is smooth, creamy and feels quite moisturising and once worn off, there's still a slight moisture.
All in all these lipsticks are amazing in my opinion and I shall definitely be adding more to my shopping list!

The Nitty Gritty

* Price - £3.50
Product - 4g
Shades - 124
* Extremely pigmented 
* Not drying 
* Opaque
* Smooth and creamy formula
* Long lasting
* Once worn off, leaves a pretty stain behind

Have you tried any of the round lipsticks? What are your faves?

Stacey x


  1. It's a gorgeous colour! Seems really great fur the price x


    1. I love it :) It's amazing for the price, definitely better than some high end lipsticks I've tried

      Stacey x