Friday, 3 May 2013

TAG 50 random facts about me

Hi Beauts.

Time for another TAG post, today I thought I'd let you get to know me better by doing the 50 random facts about me. I have to say, this was pretty hard to do. I honestly didn't think I'd get to 50!

1 - I want to become a successful make up artist
2 - I'm addicted to coffee
3 - I'm not a morning person AT ALL
4 - I'm a huge book worm
5 - My favourite scents are; mango, watermelon and cherry
6 - The smell of Playdoh makes me gag
7 - Dr pepper makes me hyper
8 - My favourite food is pasta
9 - I could eat my body weight in crisps
10 - I'm 5 ft 2
11 - I can fit into my 9 year old nieces shoes (Size 2)
12 - I love to Ice skate (I'm definitely no Jayne Torvill)
13 - I buy way too much make up
14 - My favourite colours are; Red, Green and Purple
15 - I'm very irritable when I'm bored or too hot
16 - I want a French bulldog
17 - My dream car is a Bentley
18 - I love watching motorbike racing with my dad
19 - I spent my 21st Birthday in California (sober as my friend was only 20)
20 - I once had a pony named Charlie
21 - Horror films terrify me
22 - I have an older sister
23 - I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy food
24 - My Grandad is my hero (He died last year </3)
25 - I'm SO scared to learn to drive
26 - I want a small tattoo
27 - I have a niece (9) and a nephew (3)
28 - My Birthday is the same day as my dads
29 - I want to travel the world
30 - My biggest fear is growing old with regrets
31 - I have a huge girl crush on Rooney Mara
32 - I hate cold drinks (I have to put my drink near the radiator until it's room temp - freak)
33 - I got named Pumpkin by my friends when I was younger 
34 - I've worn glasses since I was 3
35 - I have to wear socks when I stay in a hotel (I'm weird about my bare skin on a hotel carpet)
36 - I broke my left arm twice when I was younger, and my right wrist 3 years ago whilst Ice skating (Told you I was no Jayne Torvill)
37 - I wanted to be a gymnast when I was growing up 
38 - I'm a huge fan of Meat Loaf (The dude not the food)
39 -I'm 27 but look 17
40 - My favourite subjects in school were French and History
41 - I'm obsessed with writing lists
42 - I hate new books (If, on the rare occasion, I buy a new book I have to bend the spine straight away)
43 - I despise everything about mushrooms
44 - I used to wear the most ridiculously colourful glasses as a kid
45 - My first ever hamster was called Psycho (He used to screech at everyone) 
46 - I buy magazines and never actually read them
47 - I've been best friends,with my best friend for 20 years (God I feel old)
48 - I actually miss school (Life was so easy back then)
49 - I'm a bit of a procrastinator 
50 - My biggest pet peeve is ignorance 

They were some very random facts!! Have you done this TAG? Leave your link in the comments if you have, I'd love to read it

Stacey x


  1. Had a little chuckle that you had a hamster named psycho lol
    Kirsty x

  2. He was an absolute fruitcake haha We couldn't pick him up for 5 months after buying him because he used to bite :/

    Stacey x

  3. Aww I liked reading this! I can relate to so much. I hate mushrooms, too scared to take driving lessons, buy too much makeup and used to have a hamster called Gizmo because he was all sweet in the day and a little monster at night haha.

    I'm also 5ft2 and a size 2.5 feet (at age 20). Bought some size 2 sandles in New Look yesterday, from the kids section, and the cashier was like "Ooo these are nice! Who are we treating today then?" I put on a big smile and said "Uh, Me!" Her jaw dropped but then she saw I didn't mind an we had a little chuckle about it. Noone believes me when I say I am that size.

    Look forward to more posts! x

  4. It's so much fun being small isn't it? haha Smaller shoes = bargain prices :P

    Stacey x