Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Body Shop hemp hand cream

Hi Beauts.

If you've read my blog for a wee while you may know that I always have really dry hands. I've tried numerous hand creams, some good and some not, but one is amazing. The cream in question? The Body Shop hemp hand protector.

This is actually my third tube of this and it's one that I'll always come back to. There are two reasons why I've strayed in the past: the smell and how greasy it leaves my hands. However I can totally overlook those teeny little issues because its such a great product. The smell is definitely herb like (if that makes any sense), and I've learnt not to use too much so the greasy feeling isn't too bad. 

For the past two or three months I've used various other lotions and potions and although they helped my skin feel smoother, they were all a 'quick fix' and the dryness came back pretty much straight away. I repurchased this tube of goodness on Monday and literally straight after applying, my hands were super smooth and soft. I could apply this once a day and still see and feel a major difference, but I apply it almost every time I wash my hands and I can't get over the difference. 

This tube is £10.00 for 100ml and you literally need a tiny pea sized amount, so it's going to last you ages. They also do a smaller tube of 50ml for £5.00 which again, is a right old bargain.

If you suffer from dry hands or just want something to keep your digits smooth over the winter, I can't recommend this enough! 

I refuse to be without this now!

Quick run down:

The best hand cream for extremely dry hands, it smooths the skin within minutes. Does have a slight off putting scent and can feel slightly greasy, but it's an amazing product.

Have you tried this yet? 

Stacey x 

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