Sunday, 3 November 2013

My week 26th October - 2nd November 2013

Hi Beauts.

I've been up to a little bit this past week and just wanted to share a little lifestyle post with you all. I put up a similar post (here) not too long ago, and I really enjoyed writing it. So here's another :)

Saturday 26th October

Saturday consisted of a little window shopping, coffee then home to carve out some pumpkins with my Niece. I'm 27 and this was the first time I'd ever carved a pumpkin.....whaaaat?! We always had turnips when I was younger.

Sunday 27th October 

Sunday morning called for one thing, and one thing only. Breakfast! We decided to try somewhere else so headed to Byker to the Butterfly Cabinet. It's such a quirky little place and so cheap too! Definitely recommend giving it a bash.

Monday 28th October

The working week for me consists mainly, of work....and job hunting lately. However an exciting thing happend to me on Monday - I HIT 100 GFC FOLLOWERS!!! It's super exciting to me, I never thought I'd get to 1! So a massive thank you to you all, I really appreciate it!!

Thursday 31st October 

Thursday meant 2 things - payday and halloween. Obviously I'm too old to go trick or treating so instead we headed to Nandos to stuff our faces with some chicken. Very classy ;)

Friday 1st November

After work on Friday I headed into town with Mam to do a spot of Christmas shopping and a coffee. I can't tell you of the excitement when we went into Starbucks and spotted the Christmas coffees were back. Bonjour toffee nut latte mmmm mmmm

Saturday 2nd November 

The plan of action was to head down to Tynemouth market and grab some books from my book wishlist. However I only managed to find one, so the hunt is still on. I'm a ridiculously weird person when it comes to books, I only like second hand ones. The more battered the better. Whilst in Tynemouth we found a cute little cafe called 'The kitscheners' Best tea and amazing decor ever! And a trip to the coast isn't complete without some chips. 

Well that was my week. I have a few things planned next week too so if you like these posts stay tuned 

Stacey x

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