Friday, 15 November 2013

My MAC palettes

Hi Beauts. 

Today I wanted to do a quick overview of the MAC eyeshadows that I currently have in my collection. The majority of the shadows I have, I bought a while back when the beauty world was MAC crazy (I think it still is haha) but I think now, I actually prefer Urban Decay especially their matte shades.

Anyway, onto the palettes:

First up my neutrals:

* Blanc Type - A matte vanilla shade (MATTE)
* Phloof - A neutral toned champagne shade (FROST)
* Malt - A light cool toned brown shade, great as a transition shade (MATTE)

* Vex - A pink and blue pearlescent shadow  (FROST)
* Satin Taupe - A warm toned taupe (FROST)
* Mystery - A matte mid cool toned brown, great for brows too (MATTE)

* Silver Ring (x2) - A shimmery cool toned silver (VELUXE PEARL)
* Scene - A cool toned mid grey (MATTE)
* Carbon - A matte black, with very little pigmentation (MATTE)

Now for colours (I love me some purple!)

* Satellite Dreams - A deep warm toned plum (VELUXE PEARL)
* Nocturnelle - A warm toned medium plummy purple (FROST)
* Hepcat - A bright pink toned purple (FROST)

* Trax - A medium plum with gold glitter (VELVET)
* Memorabilia - A medium blue toned purple (MATTE)
* Shadowy Lady - A deep dark cool toned matte plum (MATTE)

* Green Smoke - A shimmery khaki with gold glitter (LUSTRE)
* Sumptuous Olive - A golden olive (VELUXE PEARL)
* Plumage - A matte teal shade (MATTE)

* Swimming - A bright grassy green shade with silver glitter (LUSTRE)
* Humid - A deep forest green (FROST)
* Sassy Grass - A bright jade matte green (MATTE)

* Steamy - A gorgeous shimmery aqua (FROST) 
* Jewel Blue - A bright matte aqua (VELUXE)
* Prussian - A matte navy (MATTE)

Each eyeshadow costs £10.00 each if you buy it in palette form, or £12.50 each if you buy it in the little plastic pot.  I have noticed that when you do buy te eyeshadow in palette form, the sticker on the bottom doesn't tell you the finish of each shade (which can be a litttttle bit annoying) Each eyeshadow is 1.5g

What are your favourites?

Stacey x


  1. You have some amazing shades, sumptuous olives is definitely one of my favourites xx

    1. It's so pretty and unique isn't it?! I love it :)

      Stacey x

  2. Aaah Stacey what a gorgeous range of shades you have! The possibilities are truly endless!
    I feel inspired to make my own mac palette! :)

    Love Kate xx

    1. Thanks Kate <3 You deffo should!! I should warn you, it gets addicting haha

      Stacey x