Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My Week 3rd November - 9th November 2013

Hi Beauts.

It would seem my weekly 'day in the life' type posts are becoming a regular occurrence on the old blog. I have to admit, I do enjoy writing them. I like how I'll always have something to look back on, kind of like an online diary....only without the massive secrets :P Anywhoo, here's what I've been up to this past week: 

Sunday 3rd November 

Time for another first for me (if you read last weeks post you'll know I carved a pumpkin for the first time!) There was a fireworks display down on South Shields seafront so we decided to pop down. Again, I'm 27 and I'd never been to a fireworks display........This was amazing! 

Monday 4th November 

Nothing overly exciting happened on Monday. Mother dear met me after work and we popped out for a coffee and a teeny bit Christmas shopping. Also, winter officially started for me, hello cold!!!! Brrrr

Tuesday 5th November 

You may begin to see a little pattern here, I met one of my friends after work for a Starbucks Christmas coffee and a catch up. I think I may have a coffee addiction..... I didn't do anything for bonfire night as I 'celebrated' it at the weekend.

Wednesday 6th November 

Time to take the Guinea Boys to get their nails clipped after work. I hate taking them, I know it doesn't hurt but I'm like an overbearing over protective mother. Then it was home to catch up with blogging and to start the major sort out that I'd been planning all week.

Friday 8th November

Friday was a pain in the bee-hind kinda day. My phone hasn't been charging at all with my charger so I've even having to use my USB lead and charge it via my laptop.....NOT GOOD! I went ino phones 4 U and they basically said they couldn't do anything about it. I have insurance and it's under guarantee soooo how/what/why? Pfffft thanks for nothing! My mood lifted when I met my cousin for coffee and they were buy one get one free ;)

Saturday 9th November

I had to call into town on Saturday for a present for mam and my sister, so obviously I had to buy myself a thing or two.... AND I may have had a Christmas coffee too.....I think I have a slight caffeine addiction! 

What have y'all been up? Also do any of you have the Samsung Galaxy S 3 and have trouble with it charging? It's driving me insane!

Stacey x

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