Saturday, 30 November 2013

All used up in November

Hi Beauts 

Time for my second to last empties post, this month has literally gone nowhere!! Crazy crazy times. Anyway, here's what I used up throughout November:

* Skinology tea tree blackhead cleanser - This has been part of my skincare routine for the past 6+ months and I can't be without it. It definitely pays a big part of keeping my skin spot free. REPURCHASE? Definitely RECOMMEND? Yes

* L'Oreal 3 in 1 purifying micellar solution - If I'm completely honest I don't get the hype with Micellar water. Yes it removed my make up with ease, but so do other products. I also didn't notice any difference whatsoever between this and Bioderma. REPURCHASE? Maybe RECOMMEND? Yes, if you're looking for a Bioderma dupe

* Clarins hand cream - So many people say that higher end skin care is so much better, but I have to say I don't always agree. This did nothing for my dry hands except make them sting, and it had a overpowering floral scent which I really didn't like REPURCHASE? No RECOMMEND? If you like heavily floral scented products, and you don't have super dry hands

* L'occtaine dry hand cream - Now this hand cream I loved. It was quite thick but not too greasy, had little to no scent and it kept my hands super soft. REPURCHASE? Yes RECOMMEND? Yes

* Rimmel Fix and Profect face primer - I've had a 'Love hate' relationship with this, and I've found out why. Because I have oily skin, I usually go for oil free primers. So when I was using this I sometimes tended to look a little shiny. However I noticed that when I used matte foundations, this was the best primer to use. REPURCHASE? Yes RECOMMEND? Yes

* Rimmel stay matte foundation - I used this years ago and really liked it, then the formula got switched up and it wasn't all that great at all. However Rimmel changed the formula once more and it's amazing. It's definitely a matte foundation, it lasts all day and it's available it a wider shade range. My new fave! REPURCHASE? Absolutely RECOMMEND? Yes, if you have oily/combo skin

* Garnier BB cream - I've never really been a big fan of BB cream because I have oily skin and none seem to work. However this one from Garnier is amazing. It has a great coverage - med to full, it keeps me matte (even whilst I was in NYC) and it lasts all day. REPURCHASE? Yes RECOMMEND? Yes

* SEVENTEEN miracle matte powder - This is my HG powder, I've raved about it time and time again. It keeps me shine free all day, and I very rarely need to re powder REPURCHASE? Oh yes! RECOMMEND? Yes

* MUA pro base fixing mist - I used to use Urban Decay De slick setting spray which worked wonders, but to be honest I found this to work just as well. It kept my make up in place so much longer than without using it. REPURCHASE? Yes RECOMMEND? Yes

* MUA eyeshadow primer I swear this thing was never ending (never a bad thing) I don't usually have a problem with eyeshadow creasing/not lasting long when I don't use a primer, but I have to say I enjoyed using this one. It kept my eyeshadow in place with no creasing, and I think it's a good dupe for Urban Decay primer potion. REPURCHASE? Yes RECOMMEND? Yes

* Wet and Wild eyeshadow in cream - I've been trying to finish this bad boy for SO long. It seemed never ending! This was pretty much my every day shade with another colour in the crease/outer V. It was a neutral champagne shade, extremely pigmented and super blendable. REPURCHASE? Yes RECOMMEND? Yes

* MUA Extreme felt liner - This fast became my Holy Grail eyeliner and I wore it every day. I'm pretty sure this was my 6th one! I personally love it, it was extremely pigmented, easy to use and stayed put without sliding across my face. REPURCHASE? Yes RECOMMEND? Yes

* Pixi eye bright liner - I loved this for those mornings when I needed my eyes to look more awake than they actually were. And the best thing about this pencil was that it was such a neutral tone, I've found a few others to be slightly warmer which made it obvious I was wearing nude liner. REPURCHASE? Yes RECOMMEND? Yes

Well, one more empties post of 2013 to go.......WOWZA!! 

Stacey x

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