Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Peacock eyes

Hi Beauts.

I was playing about yesterday with some eyeshadows, as you do, and ended up doing a kind of peacock inspired look so I thought I'd share it with you. I'm all for bright colours no matter what the season and this is  a pretty wearable colourful look that I think anyone could pull off.

First things first prime those peepers. I just used the MUA eyeshadow primer all over my lid. Next, taking a matte light brown (I used shade 3 from MUA Undress me palette) apply this into the crease with a fluffy blending brush. This will work as a transition colour, will help the other shadows to blend and will warm the look up.

Choose your favourite green shadow (I used shade 7 from MUA's single shadow range) and apply this all over your lid. Taking the fluffy blending brush you used to apply the light brown, blend away any harsh lines.

Next, take a blue/aqua/turquoise shadow (I used shade 8 from MUA) and a liner or small angled brush and run this along your lower lashline, as close to the lashes as possible.

Last for shadow is highlight. Apply a shimmery champagne colour to your tearduct area and browbone (I used MUA shade 1)

To finish off the look, take your gel or liquid liner and create a winged effect, and run a white or skintone pencil along your waterline to help open up your eyes

And that is the finished look. What do you think? What are your favourite shades for summer?

Stacey x