Sunday, 9 June 2013

Alternative products

Hi Beauts.

One of the exciting things about being a beauty blogger or a make up junkie is finding little bargains, or alternative products to the higher priced items we all love.
Today I wanted to share some great alternatives (I wont call them dupes, because some are just products you could use instead so aren't exactly a dupe)

Let's start with Skincare:

Bioderma 100ml for £4.50 Vs LO'real Micellar solution 200ml for £4.99

I'm pretty sure it's no surprise that this made an appearance in this post because everyone and their mother has tried one or the other, or both. In a nutshell these are both cleansing waters used to remove make up before a proper cleanse with face wash. If I'm honest, I don't notice any difference between the two, so I'd definitely opt for the L'oreal because it's cheaper and easier to get hold of.

Soap and Glory hand food 125ml for £5.00 Vs Along came Betty Hands that do wishes 75ml for £2.49

This isn't a huge money saver but I wanted to share it with you because I'm amazed at how extremely similar these two are. They both leave the hands so soft and moisturised, they're both non greasy, they have the same consistency and best of all they both smell exactly the same. The Along came Betty isn't as strong as the Soap and Glory but the scent is still there!

Beauty blender £13.00 (plus p+p) Pro make up sponge 99p (free p+p)

This is a massively hyped product both in the beauty blogging world and on YouTube, and rightly so. I don't have the original beauty blender so can't actually compare the two, however the one I bought from eBay is AMAZING. I have a full review coming up soon so won't say too much but I will say if you're looking for something to give you a flawless finish, halve your make up application by half and something to help you use less foundation then this is your guy!

MAC 224 £22.00 Vs Emily 224 £3.19

Again I don't have the MAC brush to compare the two, but from videos and photos I've seen (not to mention the name of this brush) this is very similar to the MAC 224, and is a great and cheaper alternative. It's fluffy, soft and great for blending out harsh lines.

Urban Decay Primer potion £15.00 Vs MUA eye primer £2.50

For me as long as an eye primer holds my eyeshadow in place without creasing, it's all good. I personally find these two very similar. They're both a nude product that would suit any and all skintones. They have the same consistency, are non greasy and don't give off any colour pay off

MAC Carbon eyeshadow £12.00 Vs MUA Shade 20 £1.00

Another highly hyped product is MAC's carbon eyeshadow and one I have to say I'm really disappointed in. As you can see from the picture the MAC shadow has barely any pigmentation compared to the MUA shadow. I find carbon really hard to blend and have to pack a lot on to get any colour pay off. Shade 20 from MUA is soft to blend and SO pigmented. No need to tell you which I'd recommend.

MAC pigment in Pink Opal £16.50 Vs MUA Undress your skin highlighter £3.00

One is a pigment, the other is a highlighter and both are the same colour. I noticed these two when I was applying the Undress your skin as a  highlighter as an eyeshadow and had to get MAC's pink opal out to compare. I can't believe how alike these two are, they're both a gorgeous pinky white pearl and look gorgeous when applied. MUA's undress your skin is obviously a highlighter but works great as an eyeshadow too.

Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain £7.99 Vs MUA power pout £3.00

Revlon isn't exactly a ridiculously expensive brand (a little more expensive the some highstreet brands) but when you can save £4.99 on a product, why wouldn't you? These two lip stains work pretty much exactly the same for me. They last almost the same amount of time, they both wear off evenly, neither are drying and both are pigmented. However the MUA smells a little more minty which I like, and is a little more glossy than the Revlon which I also prefer.

Well that's it for my alternative products. Like I say, they're not exact dupes more products that if you have one you don't need the other.
Have you got any good alternatives? Feel free to share in the comments :)

Stacey x


  1. Ohhh I might give the Along Came Betty hand cream a go - I absolutely love Hand Food but it is pretty expensive! The L'Oreal Micellar Water also seems great value :) x

  2. They have a whole range that looks very similar to Soap and Glory, definitely worth a try :)

    Stacey x