Friday, 21 June 2013

Friday Favourites

Hi Beauts.

Each month I do a monthly favourites post, but this past week I've been loving two products A LOT and thought they deserved a little post of their own (as well as my upcoming faves post)

I've been using these two items every single day and think they'll be getting added to my Holy Grail list!

I've recently posted about my customised palette from MUA and one product in particular has amazed me, their bronzer in LA

This is the perfect shade for my skintone, it's matte which I love and it doesn't look muddy which I usually find with other bronzers I've used in the past. I also use this as my transition colour on my eyes, it makes my shadows easier to blend out and adds a little warmth when I use darker shades. If you're a paler gal like me, this could me your Holy Grail bronzer!

I also blogged about my favourite blending brushes and I've been unable to do my make up without this little beauty

The Crown C200 deluxe crease brush. This is the perfect blending brush in my opinion, and is a great partner for my LA bronzer from MUA. It fits nicely into the crease and is so soft that it makes blending out harsh lines so easy. Absolutely another product that you need in your collection.

Have there been any products that you've been loving this past week?

Stacey x 


  1. I am super attracted to that crease brush, it looks like the perfect size for perfect smokey eyes!

    Charlotte - xx

    1. It's amazing! Definitely my fave blending brush :)

      Stacey x