Saturday, 1 June 2013

All used up in May

Hi Beauts.

I bring to you, my May empties. I actually can't believe May is over!! This year is going way too fast for my liking let me tell ya!

First up, Hair products:

Batsite dry shampoo. This came in a mini trio travel set which I think is perfect for travel. There's not much I can say about this one other than I can't be without it and it's one of my Holy Grail products. REPURCHASE? Absolutely. RECOMMEND? YES! :)
Umberto Giannini Glam hair extreme hair spray. I love this stuff, other than the fact that it smells amazing it keeps hair in place without looking like you've used hairspray. REPURCHASE? Yes RECOMMEND? Yes

Face products:

Aapril exfoliating scrub cream. I use this twice a week and I really notice a difference in my skin.It's left smooth and soft, and looks more even. REPURCHASE? I already have. RECOMMEND? Yes
Clean and Clear morning energy skin brightening daily facial scrub. Another great product. This did actually make my skin appear brighter and left it feeling soft. The particles aren't too big or small which makes it great for daily use. REPURCHASE? Yes RECOMMEND? Yes

Balm balm fragrance free lip balm. I got this in a beauty box a while ago and have been using it every day since. It's definitely moisturising and heels dry skin so fast.Another great thing is that it is multi purpose so can be used on hands/face/body too. REPURCHASE? Definitely. I want to try the Rose scent next. RECOMMEND? Yes

Make up time:

MAC brush cleaner. This is a staple in my make up collection. It's great for spot cleaning my brushes and dries pretty quickly REPURCHASE? Time and time again RECOMMEND? Absolutely
Collection lasting perfection concealer. Another Holy Grail product and one which I'm sure you all own. This is great for concealing blemishes, scars and for brightening under eyes REPURCHASE? Yup! RECOMMEND? Yes
SEVENTEEN Miracle matte pressed powder. Yet another product I can't be without. This keeps me shine and oil free all day and provides a little coverage too. I barely need to touch up throughout the day, and unlike some other powders it never oxidises. REPURCHASE? All ready have a back up. RECOMMEND? Definitely


Anatomicals (99p from Asda) Grease isn't the word mattifying face mask. Anything that has the word mattifying in it I'll give a bash. This doesn't have any long term effects, but I do notice my skin is matte for the rest of the day after using it. A review shall be up soon :) REPURCHASE? Already have, multiple times RECOMMEND? Yes, for those of you with oily skin
Lady Gaga Fame perfume. This is a love or hate scent I think, and I LOVE it. I won't even try and describe it as I suck at trying to but I will say it's definitely a unique smell. REPURCHASE? Definitely! RECOMMEND? YUP
Britney Spears Fantasy perfume. I'll admit, I'm a sucker for any Britney scent. They're either fruity or very sweet and those are the kind I love. This also has a slight vanilla tone to it which is gorgeous! REPURCHASE? Yes RECOMMEND?

Well that's it for yet another month! What have you used p in May?

Stacey x


  1. Totaly agree with how fast time is going! Please slow down 2013.....

    I've never actually used dry shampoo I think it's a bit weird that I haven't! I'm intrigued by the hairspray.

    Katie xx

    Beauty and the Baker

  2. You should definitely give it a go, total life saver and Batiste is the best by far!
    I never usually use hairspray but I have those mornings when I get up looking like I've stuck my fingers in a socket and this hair spray is the only thing to tame it haha

    Stacey x