Thursday, 13 June 2013

My favourite face brushes

Hi Beauts.

If you've already had a peek at my 'Favourite blending brushes' post then you'll know that I'm bit of a brush hoarder. I thought I'd do a bit of a follow up post and share which face brushes I love to use.

First up, Foundation:

Beauty blender dupe 99p. Not a brush buy my new favourite tool to use to apply my foundation. A full review is up, all I'll say is that highly recommend giving this a go

Real Techniques expert face brush £9.99. This was my favourite brush for applying my foundation before I discovered the Beauty blender (I still use this a lot) This helps give great coverage, a flawless finish and is even great for applying concealer too. 


e.l.f Powder brush £3.75. This is my holy grail powder brush. I just find that this picks up enough product and I prefer to pat on my powder as opposed to swirling it on. I also find that this works great for applying foundation too


Real Techniques Stippling brush £11.99. This was my first brush from RT and I loved applying my foundation with it. Then I discovered the Expert face brush and changed up my brushes. Now, I use this for either applying cream blush as it gives an even coverage and flawless look, or I use it to apply contour powder because I find it's a great size and shape

MAC 168 £26.00.This was actually a gift, I could never spend £26.00 on a brush even though I love it. I prefer applying my blush with an angled brush because I think it gives a nice definition to my face and gives an even coverage

Avon Angled brush £7.00. Another angled brush this time for highlighting my cheekbones. I like using this for highlighter because it fits perfectly along my cheekbones and picks up the right amount of product

What are your favourite face brushes to use? Does anyone know of any dupes for the MAC 109? I really want to give it a try but would rather find a cheaper alternative

Stacey x

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