Thursday, 20 June 2013

2True 3-in-1 concealer in Light

Hi Beauts.

I'm afraid this I'm going to be a bit of a negative Nancy in this post and talk about a product I didn't really like. I personally think that negative reviews are just as helpful as positive reviews, and enjoy reading them just the same.

One of my favourite YouTubers is MissBudgetBeauty. I think her reviews and opinions are honest and down to earth, so when she says she loves a product it usually is a great product. Unfortunately I didn't feel the love this time. I watched Khila rave about the 2True 3-in-1 concealer and it sounded great so I went out to buy myself one.

I picked up shade 1 to use under my eyes because this concealer claimed to diffuse, correct and reflect light, sounds perfect for under the eyes right? Nope, I didn't find this to do any of the above.
Firstly the consistency was very thin and watery which meant that the coverage was sheer and not at all build-able. Not what I look for in a concealer. And secondly, it was difficult to blend in because of the consistency. The more I blended, the more it disappeared until I was left with almost no product. When I attempted to build this is it ended caking up and not looking so pretty. 

I didn't exactly break the bank when I bought this considering it was only £1.99, however I was disappointed because I had such high hopes and heard such a great review about it. But as we all say, what works for one person doesn't always work for someone else

I think I'll stick to my Collection lasting perfection concealer from now on, sorry 2True.

The Nitty Gritty

Price - £1.99 (Or 3 for £5.00 )
* Product - 7ml
* Available from - Superdrug
* Very thin and watery consistency
* Sheer
* Little to no coverage
* Does cake up

Have you tried this?

Stacey x

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