Monday, 24 March 2014

Models Own: Pukka Purple

Hi Beauts.

As far as nail polish goes, I don't think I need another bottle for well, forever to be honest. However I always seem to manage to pick up the odd shade every now and then when I'm shopping. 
One that I've had my eye on since, I want to say last summer? Is Models Own Pukka Purple which is part of their fluorescent line. 

Purple is my favourite colour and this one in particular looked so pretty sat there on the shelf that I could resist no longer.
 I want to say the shade is a royal purple? It's not light and bright and it's not too dark, it's kind of a medium purple and it's a beaut. I have other models own nail polishes but the ones I have are glittery so I wasn't too sure how opaque this one would be.

 Well let me tell you, very! I applied one coat and I would have been ready to rock, however I'm a bit of a weirdo and always apply 2 coats whether I need to or not. It's such a smooth and easy polish to apply, the pigmentation is intense and it seemes to dry pretty quick too. I've never been one for wearing a base and top coat (naughty naughty) and usually find that my polish chips within 2 days. However, this little bottle of heaven lasted 5 days before chipping at all...without a base and top coat! How amazing is that?
 I've looked up swatches of the other shades in this collection and definitely think more may be making their way into my basket. I'm so impressed with this, if you don't already have it I urge to to pick one up!!

 What shades do you have in your collection? Any others I need?

Stacey x


  1. Its a lovely colour :)

    1. It's so petty isn't it? :)

      Stacey x