Monday, 3 March 2014

Along came Betty Br-Wow kit

Hi Beauts.

Let's talk brows today ladies. When I was younger I had what I like to call caterpillars stuck to my face, they were HUGE. So, stupidly, I let two of my best friends pluck them for me and oh boy did they have fun! I went from having caterpillars to centipedes - neither is a great look. 
Luckily over time they pretty much grew back (not back to caterpillars may I add) and I was able to tweeze them into a shape I liked. 
Over the years I've bought various products to define and fill them in, and a few weeks ago I bought the brow kit from Along came Betty which I've been using pretty much every day. 

I much prefer powders to pencils because I think they give a more natural look. This little kit comes with 2 shades - a light and a medium brown, a highlight powder and a dark brown wax to set those bad boys, as well as a spoolie and angled brush. 

I'd say the lighter brown would work well with any blonde girlies and the medium brown is perfect for medium brown hair. The wax, I've tried and didn't love to be honest. It's a little warm toned fr me, and in all honesty I never really like wax products that come along with these kits. I do use the highlight though as a browbone highlight which is great as it's a matte shade which makes it even better. This isn't overly pigmented so is perfect for anyone new to defining their brows or new to using a powder, but it's pigmented enough to make a difference. 
 I think this is great little kit, it's compact so it's easy to travel with, it comes with a brush and spoolie, there's a wax and highlight and two brow shades to choose from - what more could you need? 

Stacey x  

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