Monday, 10 March 2014

B. Micellar water

Hi Beauts.

Removing make up can be such a chore, I for one never find it fun. I basically want to remove every trace as quickly as humanly possible, so I went on the hunt for some new products that would make the task a little quicker.
A new product to enter my skincare routine is B. Micellar water.

I have tried other micellar waters and liked them at the time (now I'm only using cruelty free, they're black listed :p) so figured I'd try this one and see if it could replace an eye make up remover I used to use. Nobody wants to be scrubbing at their eyes, so I wanted to find something that would basically melt away my eye make up with very little effort, and I think I've found it.

The big test for me was the removal of my waterproof liquid liner. I dropped a small amount of this onto 2 cotton pads and gently pressed them onto my eyes, I left them for around 30 seconds and took them off. Not all but the majority of my mascara and eyeliner came off, so I ever so gently swiped over my eyes to remove the last of the products. This didn't sting or irritate my eyes at all, I don't have sensitive eyes, but sometimes eye removers I've tried in the past can irritate a little.
 I must admit, when I first bought this I didn't think you got much bang for your buck because the bottle is quite tall and thin. I also thought that this would be an open top bottle, but it's not. It has a plastic cap over the top with a small hole so you can control how much product you want to use. 

I've used this every night for a few weeks and I haven't used a huge amount. Appearances can be deceiving! I've tried this to remove the rest of my make up too, before doing a proper cleanse, and I only need 2 cotton pads to remove everything. It's such a great product for removing any and all make up in my opinion, and I'd say it would be fine for even sensitive skin types too. 

 Superdrug currently have the B. Make up and skincare range on offer.

What do you use to remove your make up?

Stacey x

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