Friday, 28 March 2014

Nspa Melting cleansing gel review

Hi Beauts.

After using a few products from the brand Nspa, and loving them, I couldn't wait to try out more.
One thing that I had on my wish list for the longest time was their melting cleansing gel.

If I'm honest, before reading a few beauty reviews on this cleanser, I had never heard of a melting cleanser before. So obviously I had to pick this up and give it a whirl. 
As with all Nspa products, this has a number printed on the label, indicating which step of the skin care routine it should be used. 1 is cleanse, 2 is exfoliate, 3 is treat and 4 is moisturise. This melting cleansing gel is number 1 in the routine.

I like to remove all of my eye make up with a make up remover first, as this does say to avoid contact with eyes. Once all of my eye make up is removed, I wet my finger tips, apply a small amount of the gel to them and then apply in circular motions on my face.
This definitely melts away all of the days make up and leaves not a trace behind. I always double cleanse, using the Nspa hot cloth polish afterwards, and there's literally nothing left behind to be removed. It is such a quick and easy product to use, and comes in handy on those nights where you can't be bothered to take off your make up but know you have to.

This has such a strange consistency. It starts off as a gel in the tube, then when rubbed together turns into a milk and once rinsed away it feels like an oil - strange but amazing.

I have to say, Nspa has well and truly stolen my heart when it comes to skin care. I refuse to use anything else!!

What are your favourite products from the brand?

Stacey x

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