Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Review - Make up forever HD powder

Hi Beauts.

Usually when I write a review of a product I like to give a definite Yes I love this or a meh it's not all that, however I'm giving this one an I'm not so sure. The product in question? Make up forever HD powder. 

I know this is a must for so many make up lovers and bloggers, but I just don't think I like it. I will say for starters that I'm not a huge fan of loose powders, so that may contribute to my not so positive opinion of it.

I applied this with the same brush I use with any powder I try, the elf flat top powder brush. As soon as I dipped my brush into the product it flew everywhere, this is such a finely milled powder, it kind of reminded me of icing sugar that's the consistency it had. I stippled the powder onto my freshly applied foundation and noticed whilst applying it to my under eyes, it turned the concealer a grey colour - not a good look. It didn't effect the rest of my foundation colour as it's a translucent powder, but it definitely effected the products under my eyes.
And again, because it's so finely milled and translucent it gave no coverage which is what I like from a powder, it just finishes off the look in my opinion. 

I did,  however, like that it didn't make me look like a ghost as many translucent powders have in the past. After applying the HD powder I didn't really like the finish it gave me  although it did matiffy my foundation a little, it didn't look as flawless as when using my SEVENTEEN miracle pressed powder. Again this could be down to the fact it was a loose and translucent powder.

 The last negative point (I promise) is that I noticed that it clug to a little dry skin I had around my nose. I don't usually get any dry skin as I have oily skin, but for a few days I had a small amount of dryness around my nose and using the HD powder emphasised that. 

I'm not going to say that this is a really bad product as so many people love it, but it just didn't work for me at all. I wanted to give it ago because of the hype and have to say, I was disappointed and wouldn't repurchase it. If you enjoy loose powders then I'd say give it a go, you may enjoy it more than I did. I don't Sorry Make Up Forever, you just ain't for me.

Does anyone else not love this as much as they thought they would?

Stacey x


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    1. I know :( Really thought I would as so many people love it

      Stacey x

  2. Hi Stacey, I share all your views above too. I got to use this powder when I was on my makeup course and have to say that to my surprise also, it didn't do anything special for me either..I just didn't get the flawless finish from this powder that I was expecting. Aimee xx

    The Belle Narrative

    1. Glad I'm not the only one :) I really thought it would be amazing as so many people raved about it

      Stacey x