Thursday, 12 December 2013

Party look 2: Cut crease with a pop of purple

Hi Beauts.

I thought I'd do another litte make up look that would be perfect for the party season. The colours in the crease and along the lower lashline can be changed up to which ever colours you'd prefer to use:

Here's what I used:

FashioistA bronzer in LA
No7 eyeshadow in Electric purple
Urban Decay eyeshadows in Verve, Pistol and Blackout

* First I applied a make up base, then ran FashionistA bronzer through the crease to warm up the look, and to help blend the following shadows

* I then used Verve, from the Urban Decay naked 2 palette, all over the lid and stopped before I got to the crease 

* Next up I took Pistol on a MAC 219 and created a subtle cut crease, then applied Blackout lightly over Pistol to deepen the look

* To add a little colour, I used No7's eyeshadow in Electric Purple along the lower lashline

* To finish off I applied a slight wing with liquid liner and 2 coats of mascara

Happy Thursday Beauts! 12 days to go ;)

Previous part look here

Stacey x


  1. Beautiful subtle look and you've done a super job with all the blending - gorgeous! Xx

  2. This is beaut! I really love the electric purple along the lower lashline - it really makes the eyes pop :)

    The Belle Narrative

    1. Thank you chick! :) I love the purple, definitely need to use it more

      Stacey x