Saturday, 7 December 2013

My holy grail cleanser

Hi Beauts.

If you read Friday's post, then you may remember me saying that I very rarely get spots and when I do it's just one.....well I jinxed myself and woke up with not one but four. High five in the face Stacey!! Admittedly I had a couple of little chocolates (I never eat chocolate) so I brought it all on myself, lets face it.

Anyway, after my gorgeous spots appeared I remembered I was all out of one of my favourite skincare products - Skinology tea tree blackhead cleanser from Wilkinsons. 

Now I've never had a problem with blackheads (gonna get some tomorrow now aren't I?!) so I'm not sure if it works for those little beasts, but on said occasion when I get an 'odd' spot this is my Holy Grail product.
I went straight out and bought myself two bottles of the cleanser (they have a deal on currently, one bottle is 99p or two for £1.50) and used it last night after washing my make up off. The four little beauties I had on my face were literally half the size, no longer red and had dried out (lovely visual for a Sunday morning, I know) completely the next morning.

This cleanser is strongly scented, which some people may be put off by, and it does sting a little. So if you have sensitive skin you may want to do a little test patch before using it all over your face.

Quick rundown:

Reduces size and redness, and dries out any spots within hours. I'm pretty sure this is what has kept my skin clear so far (then I spoil it by eating chocolate, nice one) If you suffer from odd spots or acne, I'd definitely say give this a go

I know many people like to opt for the higher end brands when it comes to skin care, but if a 99p product is going to work wonders for my skin then that's fine by me!

What are your holy grail skin care products? 

Stacey x

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  1. Great to hear that this product worked for you. Bargain :-)

    x Roch & Tash x