Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Review - Le Volume De Chanel mascara

Hi Beauts.

A wee while ago I sent off for a sample of Chanel's mascara  'Le volume De Chanel' and months later, have only just gotten around to trying it out.

If I'm honest, I put off using it for so long because I knew that if I loved it I'd want the full size and there's just no way I could justify spending £24.00 on a mascara. Anyway onto the review: I love this mascara and I want the full size.......Damn you Chanel and your amazing products!!!

I kid you not, this is without question THE best mascara I think I've ever tried. I always apply two coats of mascara no matter which brand I'm using because, well that's just how I roll. Well not with this bad boy! Every time I used it I only needed one coat and my lashes would have been visible in Australia.
The first time I applied this I literally sat catching flies (Not literally, that's just dirty.....and I'm not a frog) I couldn't believe the difference in my lashes. I'm not sure if it was the formula or the wand or maybe both, but whatever it was my lashes had doubled in length, had so much volume and were so separated.

Another thing I always do when I use a new mascara, is open it and don't use it for a week so that the product dries out a little. More often than not when using a new mascara, I find it to be too wet. Again, this little tube of amazingness proved me wrong for the second time. This was the perfect consistency, not too wet or dry, and was really lightweight. I couldn't feel it on my lashes, but I sure could see it. I honestly thought that if I blinked too much I'd take off.

If you're looking for a mascara that promises length, volume and separation, and don't mind splurging a little (a lot) then I can't recommend this enough. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Let's round this up shall we. I love this mascara and if any friends or family are reading this (I know that you are mwahaahahaha)..... HINT HINT ;)

Have you tried this? Come on, how much did you love it too?

* Price - £24.00
* Product - 6g
* Shades - 3 according to the Chanel website, and 4 according to Boots

Stacey x


  1. I also have the sample size of this and love it so much! I think I may take the plunge and buy the full size, or ask for it for christmas! :)


  2. It's amazing isn't it? As expensive as it is for a mascara, I think I need it haha

    Stacey x