Friday, 27 September 2013

E.l.f waterproof eyeliner

Hi Beauts.

One shop I was mega excited about discovering in NYC (or rather my cousin spotted it) qas the e.l.f studio - I didn't know such a thing existed! There was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to take a peek inside and buy a few goodies. The store itself was all white and had all of the products around the sides, definitely looked fresh and sophisticated! 

Can we have an elf studio in Newcastle pretty please?

 I did buy a few things and one product that I've used every day since I bought it is the waterproof eyeliner. 

I'm a huge fan of MUA extreme felt liner so wasn't sure if I'd like this one or not, I don't like change sometimes.  This time however I welcome it with open arms. Felt tip eyeliner pens have fast become my favourite type of liquid liner to use, I find them so much easier to control than gel or regular liquid liner. And this bad boy hasn't let me down. I will admit, when I first used it I wasn't so sure that I'd like it as the tip is solid where as the MUA one is a little flexible.  However I persevered and found that because it wasn't at all flexible, I could create a straighter, neater and thinner line.

 The product itself is extremely opaque, and isn't too wet like some other liquid liners that I've tried. As far as it being waterproof, I completely agree. Once applies this ain't budging until you use soap and water. I think I may have found my new fave liner :) Thanks elf!!

What's your favourite liquid liner?

(there seems to be a phantom picture kicking about on this page for some odd reason, don't worry it's not supposed to be there :p)
Stacey x

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