Monday, 23 September 2013

Maybelline color tattoo in 'Barely There'

Hi Beauts.

A while back Maybelline brought out Color tattoo's in a variety of shades and I had to, of course, jump on the band wagon. I picked up 'On and on bronze' and absolutely fell in love with the shade. 
I still reach for it now, quite frequently as it's such an easy product to use.
If you aren't familiar with color tattoo's, they are a cream like product that can be used alone or as a base for eyeshadows and best of all they last all day with no creasing at all.

As with most make up items, the US get some pretty amazing products and/or shades before the UK so whilst in New York I spotted a neutral shade called 'Barely there' and had to buy it

One of my favourite products from MAC is their paint pot in 'Barestudy' and I thought that this may be a good dupe. There weren't any testers to see if it was of a similar shade, but I knew that if it wasn't I'd still get so much use out of it.

I no longer have my paint pot to do a side by side swatch but it looks very similar indeed, and I'm so happy that I bought it.
'Barely there' is a neutral toned champagne shade that will work well with all skin tones and types - my favourite kind of product as I'm cool toned. I've worn this a few times alone and it just adds a nice subtle shimmer to the eyes, and when wearing it as a base under eyeshadow it makes the eyeshadow pop, last longer and stops any creasing.

I've even just applied a small amount to the inner corner of my eyes and it definitely helps with that wide awake look. The great thing about shades like this one, is that it can be worn under any colour eyeshadow from neutrals to brights, mattes to shimmers. 

I'm hoping that this makes it to the UK shelves (if it hasn't already) as I'll definitely be buying a back up!

Have you tried any of the color tattoo's? Which is your favourite shade?

Stacey x


  1. It's a lovely colour! I'm desperate to get my hands on some colour tattoos!

    1. I absolutely love it, so happy it's similar to MAC bare study - saves me some pennys haha You should deffo get some, they're great :)

      Stacey x