Friday, 20 September 2013

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer review

Hi Beauts.

After getting many recommendations from some lovely girlies on twitter, I decided to pick up the Rimmel Fix and Perfect primer.
I usually use No7 beautiful skin primer, but I find it a pain to blend sometimes as it's a mattifying primer. I didn't think this would work for me if I'm honest as I have oily skin, but wanted to give it a bash anyway.


This primer comes in a tube, which I prefer when it comes to liquid products as it makes it easier to control the amount of product you use. I also like the fact that you can snip off the bottom to get every last drop out.


The product itself is, I'd say, similar to that of a light moisturiser. It's not too thick or thin and has a slight scent to it. It's not a perfume scent, more of a clean smell - if that makes any sense?! It's not greasy at all either, which I have found some other cream primers to be.


After using the No7 primer, and having to buff it into my skin, this was a dream to apply. It did just feel like applying a moisturiser. I used my fingers to apply this and it was smooth, easy to blend and soaked into the skin pretty quickly. I wasn't left looking greasy or dewy, I wouldn't say my face looked matte but it did look healthy. This can also been worn alone, which I haven't tried

Staying power:

I was pleasantly surprised by this if I'm honest. I know so many people love this primer, but again as I have oily skin I usually go for mattifying primers and didn't think this would work for me. But I was wrong. I did lose a little foundation on my chin but I usually do (I tend not to when I use Revlon colorstay) but other than that, after 9 hours my face was still looking fresh and not at all shiny.


As with all products, this primer has a number of claims which of course I put to the tea:

Smoothes - Yup. My skin did look smoother
Resurfaces - Yup. I'm pretty sure this goes hand in hand with smoothes
Brightens - Yup. My skin definitely looked brighter after applying this
Mattifies - This one, I'd say not so much. I definitely didn't look shiny or dewy, but I didn't look matte either
Protects - I'm not sure what it's protecting from if I'm honest?

Would I recommend this primer? Absolutely! I'm so glad that I tried it out, and I shall definitely repurchase once it done with this tube. I'd say this is best suited to all skin types, it doesn't dry out the skin so it would work for those with dry skin. And it definitely works for oily skin. 

Thumbs up from me Rimmel :)

Have you tried this? What did you think?

Stacey x


  1. I really want to try this, I love the packaging of this product too. I recently purchased MUA primer so once that's used up, I think I will give this a try xxx

    1. I'm so surprised it works with my oily skin, so impressed :) Oooh I haven't tried the MUA primer, may have to add that to the old shopping list :P

      Stacey x

  2. I've been wanting to try this for ages! Great review

    1. Totally recommend it! :) Thank you lovely!

      Stacey x