Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sleek blushes

Hi Beauts.

I've previously blogged about MUA blushes and thought I'd share another brand that does great blushes, Sleek.
I'm pretty sure everyone knows how great these blushes are, I haven't read one bad review yet! I currently only have 2 single blushes and 1 palette, but I'll definitely be adding to my collection ASAP. One thing I will say about these blushes is that if you're heavy handed, try and pick up a little product at first and build up the colour.

There's no fall out with these blushes which is great, there's nothing worse than doing all of your make up and finding bright pink blush all over your face. Another thing I love is the packaging. It's so 'sleek' (get it?!) and great for travelling, AND it has a mirror inside which is an added bonus.

Here are the shades I have:

Life's a peach


Lace palette

The lowdown:

Price: Singles £4.49 and Palette £10.00
Product: Singles 8g and Paltte 20g
Shades: Singles 10 shades and Palettes 5 shades
Sleek packaging
Highly pigmented
No fall out
Long lasting 

Which is your favourite shade?

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Stacey x


  1. Im going to the UK next week, cant wait to pick up some Sleek products! xxx

    1. Their pout paints and lip liners are amazing too :) I haven't tried any of the palettes yet (Think I'm one of the last haha) but definitely want to.

      Have a lovely time!! :)

      Stacey x