Monday, 26 August 2013

All used up in August

Hi Beauts.

I usually leave my empties post till the very last day of the month, but I have bag of empty beauty products that is seriously overflowing so I wanted to do it now. Ready? Lets go!


* Naked Shine glossing hair treatment - I bought this in Poundland a few months back, and I absolutely love it! It left my hair so soft and smooth the next day. Unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere so if any of you Beauts know where I can get more please let me know? REPURCHASE? In a heartbeat RECOMMEND? If you can find it, stock up!

* Batiste dry shampoo in Cherry - This is a Holy Grail item for me and it's something I can't be without. It smells amazing, and best of all it gives you clean looking and smelling hair for an extra day or 2. REPURCHASE? I always do RECOMMEND? Absolutely

* Schwarzkopf supersoft kids detangling spray - The best thing about this if I'm honest is the smell, it smells of strawberry. I don't actually know why I bought this as my hair doesn't really tangle, but after applying it after I've towel dried my hair, it does leave my hair feeling really soft. REPURCHASE? Probably RECOMMEND? If your hair tends to tangle, then yes

Body and scents:

* Lynx attract for her - The label says this is a deodorant body spray, but I'd say they were two different things so it can't be both right? I tried using this as a deodorant but found it too wet so used the rest up as a body spray. It's such a pretty girlie scent and I love it. REPURCHASE? Yes if it was on offer, I wouldn't pay £3 for a body spray. RECOMMEND? Yes if you like sweet girlie scents

* Wilkinsons Exhilarate body spray - This is the body spray that I always buy and I love it. It's kind of a fruity floral scent. REPURCHASE? Always do, and it's 2 for 99p ;) RECOMMEND? Yup

* paradise perfume by Next - This is one of my favourite perfumes! It's such a fruity summery girlie scent, and super cheap REPURCHASE? Definitely! RECOMMEND? Definitely!

* Original Source Vanilla milk and Raspberry shower gel - I was unsure about this as I've tried the lemon scented one and although it did smell nice, it didn't lather. This one did both, and left my skin so soft afterwards. REPURCHASE? Yes. RECOMMEND? If you love the smell of strawberries and cream, then definitely 


* Urban Decay De-slick - I adore this stuff. It keeps my make up shine free and fresh looking all day long. I never need to repowder whenever I use it. REPURCHASE? Absolutely RECOMMEND? If you have oily skin, this is for you

* Wilkinsons Skinology black head tea tree cleanser - This is another product that has shown up in previous empties posts. It's my every day cleanser and I couldn't be without it, I definitely think it helps keep spots at bay. REPURCHASE? Always do RECOMMEND? Yes

* Green People fruit scrub exfoliator - I wasn't too keen on this if I'm honest. There was barely any sand particles and I never felt like my face was completely make up free and clean. REPURCHASE? No RECOMMEND? No


* SEVENTEEN Miracle matte pressed powder - Another Holy Grail and one that lands often in my bag of empties. This keeps me shine free and matte all day, and I never need to touch up my powder throughout the day REPURCHASE? Absolutely RECOMMEND? Again, if you have oily skin then this is the powder for you

* Accessorize volumising mascara, Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara and Avon Inifinitize mascara - I have a mini mascara overview here where I go into more depth about each of these mascara's. The only one I would repurchase is the Accessorize volumising mascara

Well, that's it for mother moth Beauts. What have you been using up through August? 

Stacey x


  1. stunning blog!

    would you like to follow each other?

  2. wow you used up quite a lot - I may have to try the 17 Miracle Matte powder, I've been getting super shiny lately and can never be bothered to faff on with touch ups all day long. xx

    1. It's honestly the best powder I've ever tried! Totally recommend it :)

      Stacey x