Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Prime those peepers

Hi Beauts.

Let's talk eye primers today. What they are, why we use them and what is available. Eye primers are basically just a product that you apply to your lid before you put on your eyeshadow. They help to make your eyeshadow pop, stop any creasing throughout the day, and most importantly help your eyeshadow last.

Not everyone needs/wants an eye primer and to be honest, sometimes it just depends on the quality of the eyeshadow that you use. Some stay put all day and don't crease, where others do. I have applied shadow without a primer many times and have noticed that yes it does last and doesn't crease, but the colours don't always pop or look as vibrant. I also find that using an eye primer helps eyeshadow application so much smoother and makes it easier to blend too.

Here's some primers that I use: 

MUA professional eye primer £2.50 - I find the MUA primer and Urban Decay to be very similar. Both are skintone and blend out to leave no colour behind. I do find the MUA primer to be slightly thicker than the Urban Decay, but both do a great job at holding eyeshadow in place and stop any creasing

Smashbox photo finish lid primer £15.00 - Full review here :)

Urban Decay primer potion £15.00 -  See MUA. I also did a small comparison post which you can read here :) 

Some other bases and primers available are:

MAC paint pots
Too faced shadow insurance
Stila smudge pot
Rimmel exaggerate undercover

What's your favourite eye primer?

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Stacey x

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