Friday, 2 August 2013

Tips and tricks for hooded eyes

Hi Beauts.

Myself, my mam and my sister all suffer from hooded eyes. My mams are more hooded than mine and my sisters and my sisters are more hooded than mine. I think it's hereditary as well as down to age, woo double whammy!

For years I was able to apply my eyeshadow how I wanted because I had pretty good lid space, but now not so much. One of my eyelids is slightly worse than the other, the top of my lid where my browbone is, covers a little of my lower lid. I looked online and watched many YouTube videos for tips on applying eyeshadow correctly, and now I can work with what my mamma gave me, so to speak.

I wanted to do a little post today sharing tips and tricks that I've come across online, and things I've figured out through trial and error and hopefully be able to help some of you.

1 - I find, for me, that looking straight ahead into the mirror whilst applying my shadow works best. This way I can see exactly where my crease is, making it easier to place the shadow

2 - Apply the shadow slightly higher than the natural crease. If you apply it to your crease, the 'hood' will hide the colour

3 - Don't apply shimmer all over the lid. This just makes the 'hood' stand out even more, matte shades work much better

4 - Applying a thick line of liner along the upper lashline can make the lid look smaller, and again make the 'hood' stand out more. Instead, apply a thin line or tightline

5 - Avoid using a dark shade all over the lid. Use a light shadow on the lid, the inner corner and browbone, and concentrate the darker shades in and just above the crease, and outer 'V'

How I apply my eye make up

* The above tips are things that I find work for me, but may not work for you. If something else works for you, that's great :)

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Stacey x


  1. I wish I could get my liner to look like that. I always end up making the line too thick - on top of that, I'm blind in one eye, so it's always wonky, lol. Great tips though. Thanks!
    A Beauty Moment

    1. Usually I have trouble with one eye as I'm more short sighted in one eye than the other,such a pain lol

      Thank you lovely :)

      Stacey x