Monday, 12 August 2013

Revlon Vs MUA

Hi Beauts.

When revlon first brought out their just bitten kissable balm stains I was unsure whether they'd be worth the hype. But being a make up, and especially lip product, addict I decided to try one out and have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. However, did I want to pay £7.99 for another then another and then another until I had the whole collection? Not really. I'm not saying £7.99 is expensive, but when you want each shade it really adds up.

Then something great happened, MUA brought out their very own Power Pouts for £3.00 so of course I jumped straight on that! Today I wanted do do a little comparison post and let you all know how very similar these two products are.


Both packaging is a chunky plastic tube and the bottom is a twist up so there's no need to go in search of a humongous pencil sharpener. The colour on the outside is pretty much the same as the product on the inside, which makes searching for the colour you want so much easier.


Each kissable balm stain contains 2.7g of product and each Power pout contains     g. Both have a nice minty scent to them, but the MUA power paint has a slightly stronger scent which I love.


I found the Power pout to have a more of an even coverage than the Revlon balm stain, but both have great pigmentation. The balm stain seems to get darker/brighter (depending upon which shade you have) once applied where as the power pout stays the same. The power pout is also more glossy and moisturising than the balm stain too.

Staying power:

These have pretty much the same staying power as each other, I found them to both have full pigmentation for around 2 and a half hours, then they faded to a lighter shade but left a pretty stain on the lips. The balm stain was a little drying once the product wore off, but the power pout wasn't drying at all. 

All in all, these are both great products and I'd highly recommend both. I personally think they're both extremely similar and both brands have a similar shade range. There's a few shades that I will certainly be picking up.

Do you have either of these? What's your favourite?

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Stacey x


  1. Great comparison! In love the power pouts :)

    Teresa | Little Bits of Sunshine

  2. Thank you :) They're great aren't they?! Deffo have my eye on the berry shade lol

    Stacey x