Saturday, 14 June 2014

Barry M matte nail paint in 'Espresso'

Hi Beauts.

When it comes to nail polish, Barry M is probably my favourite brand. I find it to be long lasting, super inexpensive and the range of colours and finishes is huge, not to mention the brand is cruelty free. 

Speaking of finishes, one to hit the shelves not too long ago were the matte polishes in a range of  5 shades. I did actually buy the shade 'Burgundy Crush' a few weeks ago, but the one that I really wanted to try (but was always out of stock) was the shade 'Espresso' which is a black. 

Black polish is pretty much a staple for me and the idea of a matte black drew me in hook, line and sinker. I know from past experience that Barry M nail paints last quite a while without chipping, but wasn't so sure about how well the matte finish would hold up. Let me tell you, it lasted on my nails for 6 days before the tiniest chip appeared! Not bad going right? 

To be honest, if my nails hadn't have grown a little bit I could have painted over the little chip up and nobody would have even noticed. This formula also seems to be the quickest to dry, I applied one coat and by the time I got to my little finger I was ready to apply a second on my thumb. 

As for the matte finish, it really is matte. I did notice that towards the end of the week my nails got a tiny bit shiny but not at all as glossy as a regular polish. 

If you haven't already added the matte shades to your nail polish collection, I definitely think you should.

What is your favourite nail polish finish from Barry M?

Stacey x

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