Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sunday Funday

Hi Beauts.

There's nothing worse than it being the weekend and being skint. All I wanted to do was shop, but alas I couldn't. So instead, me and my cousin decided to go to Tynemouth market for a little spy about and then headed into Cullercoats for some chips :)

I did manage to shop on a budget, I got a book I've wanted for a while and a can of Mountain Dew......yeehaaaaaaaa!!

Make up:

Naked Basics palette: W.O.S all over lid, Naked2 in crease, Venus as highlight
Elf waterproof liner
Smashbox full exposure mascara and Benefit 'They're real'
Collection Perrie lipstick 


White vest - £2.50 (I think) from Primark
Grey and white jumper - £6.00 from Primark
Shorts (with tights) - £5.00 Primark
White converse - £45.00 Office

What I bought:

Someone posted a picture of Dean Koontz 'Velocity' on Instagram, so I googled it and it sounded interesting so I decided to hunt it down. I found this one at Tynemouth market for £1.00 - SCORE.

Whilst in NYC I got addicted to Mountain Dew and haven't been able to find it in the UK. Again I potted it at Tynemouth market so had to have it

You don't always need a lot of money to have fun :D

What did you get up to?

Stacey x


  1. You are SO lucky to live by the seaside. You can't beat chips by the sea!! I've not had chips in ages (diet boo!) and they look amazeballs right now.

    I definitely need that lipstick in my life & I was so glad to see we have Mountain Dew over here as well! I've seen it in Tesco btw! There's something way cooler about American pop! lol.

    Your outfit looked fab & it's true, you don't need money to have fun!!

    1. I love going to the beach come rain or shine haha

      I LOVE the lipstick, it's just something a little different. Oooh really? I'll have to hit Tesco at some point and stick up, thanks for the heads up :)

      Stacey x