Friday, 4 October 2013

Smashbox oil free primer

Hi Beauts.

A few months back I bought the Smashbox try it kit and loved everything inside. One thing in particular was the photo ready primer. I had every intention of buying the full size until I had a peek on their website and noticed they do an oil free one. Whilst in Sephora I spied little 10ml tubes of all of the face primers including the oil free one, how could I pass that up?! I've used it every day since I bought it and have to say, I'm super impressed.

Unlike the photo ready primer this one has a slightly thinner and watery consistency, whereas the photo ready was a little thicker and silicone based. Because it is slightly watery, it does need to be rubbed into the skin thoroughly or your skin will be left a little tacky.
I did notice a slight medicinal scent to it too, but this isn't something that bothers me at all. The colour of the product is a pale blue shade and even though it does come out of the tube this colour, it applies clear - fear not, you shan't walk around looking like avatar ;)

My skin did look shine free straight after application, I wouldn't say matte but it definitely wasn't like an oil slick. I also found that my foundation seemed to stretch out a little more with this so I wasn't using as much product. I have a few foundations on the go fight now, and this works wonders with all of them. I'm left with a fresh, shine free and flawless face (tongue twister right there) which I love. I'd say I got around at least 9 - 10 hours wear out of this, no shine all day and I didn't need to touch up my powder.

All in all this is an amazing base and an amazing primer, and one that I would definitely recommend giving a go if you have oily/combination skin. 

Have you tried any of the Smashbox primers? Which is your favourite? 

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Stacey x

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