Sunday, 5 October 2014

Gosh velvet touch lip liner in Nougat Crisp

Hi Beauts.

Trends surround us every day, whether it be fashion or make up. I don't follow either to be honest, I like to just rock whatever I fancy that day. That's not to say I don't sometimes dip into a certain trend, and one that I've been pretty caught up with lately is the 'Kylie Jenner lip'.

So many people are sporting the dark brown nineties nude aren't they? I've never been one for brown shades as they never seemed to suit me, however this one I couldn't pass up.
Whilst raking through my make up collection yesterday I rediscoverd a lip liner I bought about a year ago, and seemed to forget about: Gosh velvet touch lip liner in 'Nougat Crisp'

I fancied something different to the berries and mauves I'd been wearing for the past couple of weeks, so applied this liner and knew this was going to be my go to look for quite a while. This shade is a little more on the warmer side, but is definitely that nineties colour and I'm in love.

Gosh lip liners are great if you want long lasting colour. I applied this shade at around 12pm yesterday, and it was still perfect when I got to work at 2:15pm and I'd eaten a packet of's that for staying power? Another thing I love is how creamy they are, they just glide on without any pulling or dragging the lips.

The gosh liners retail for £4.99 which is a whole lot less expensive than some of the lip products out there. 

I may just need to pop to Superdrug and buy myself a back up before they fly off the shelves!

Are you currently rocking the Kylie Jenner lip? 

Stacey x

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