Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Review: Make up revolution cream blush in Frambroise Shake

Hi Beauts.

I think by now everyone has heard and discovered the newest brand to hit the market and that is Make Up Revolution.
If you haven't heard about them (where have you been??) Basically they are an inexpensive make up company who sell a vast array of products ranging from lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, mascara, basically the whole shebang.

The best thing is, products start out for as little as £1.00....how great is that?! A little while ago I made an online order which I hauled here and I've loved everything I got, so today wanted to share a review of their cream blush in 'Frambroisse Shake'

I've mentioned before that I'm not one for cream blush as i have oily skin and find powder products work the best for me, but I wanted to try one out from Make Up Revolution and see how it would work. And oh so well it worked.

I applied my foundation first than dipped a stippling brush into the blush to pick up a small amount of product and gently and lightly dabbed it onto my cheeks, and let me tell you even doing this gave an amazing amount of pigmentation! It applied so smoothly and evenly, and was extremely easy to blend out.

Did it last on my annoyingly oily/combo skin? It sure did. I've been working long hours lately so it was the perfect way to test out how well this would last. I get up and ready at 5:30am each morning and don't get home until around 5pm sometimes later, and I have to say this didn't budge or fade at all!

The shade is the perfect pink for the summer and I think it will look pretty on all skin tones, I pretty much resemble casper right now and it still looks fab.

There are 4 shades to choose from and they retail for a very small price of £1.50, at a price like that I think I may have to get the other three too!

Have you tried these cream blushes? What's your favourite shade?

Stacey x

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