Sunday, 20 April 2014

Make up revolution haul

Hi Beauts.

It's been so long since I last posted, ok it's been 4 days but that is a long time for me as I like to post every other day. I started a new job a couple of weeks ago and literally haven't had any spare time to blog.
I did, however, have time to place a wee little order with a new brand called 'Make Up Revolution' and wanted to share with you all what I bought.
This brand is pretty new, and is in the same price range as MUA (we all know how much I love me some MUA) and the range of products is amazing.
Without rambling anymore, on with the haul:

* Redemption palette iconic 3  £4.00 - This was the first item to hit my basket. It's supposed to be an exact dupe for the Urban Decay naked 3 which I've wanted for a while but never bought, looking at swatches it looks the exact same

* Mono eyeshadow in Insomnia £1.00 - I love purple eyeshadow and this looked so pretty

* Baked mono eyeshadow in Celestial £1.50 - Again I love greens and couldn't resist this beauty (I've already used this and it's a BEAUT!) 

* Liquid eyeliner in Black £1.50 - I'm a little obsessed with eyeliner, and have to try a new one out whenever I make an order with a new brand

* Cream blush in Frambroise Shake £1.50 - I really like the MUA cream blush and wanted to see if I'd like this one too, plus it's such a pretty shade

* Lipstick in Enchant £1.00 - Who can pass up a £1.00 lipstick? Certainly not me. This shade looks perfect for spring and summer

Well that's it for this haul, I already know that come pay day I'll be placing another order. I've swatched everything I have and absolutely love it all!

Have you bought anything from Make up Revolution yet?

Stacey x


  1. Just read your blush review and its such a pretty colour! Also that palette is just. AMAZING. (not that I need another palette!) but I'm definitely going to check them out now :) thanks for the recommendation

    1. No problem :) I can't believe how amazing the quality and pigmentation of everything is! So inexpensive too

      Stacey x