Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Beauty UK simply define eyebrow pencil

Hi Beauts.

Ever since MUA brought out their eyebrow kit, I've been pretty much converted to powder to fill in my brows.
However, I'm literally scraping the sides right now to get the last of the product out and so I thought why not try out a pencil from a different brand?

I haven't tried anything from the brand Beauty UK before, but always hear great things about them so decided whilst in Superdrug I'd pick up their eyebrow pencil in 'Dark brown'

I have tried eyebrow pencils in the past, some I loved and some not so much. The thing that sells it for me is the consistency of the product. If it's too soft it just smudges everywhere which is not cute, and if it's too hard it takes forever to fill in my brows, not to mention having to drag the pencil which isn't good for keeping premature wrinkles at bay.

This pencil stole my heart literally straight away due to the fact that it has the perfect consistency. It's soft enough to allow easy and pigmented application, and hard enough so that it won't smudge everywhere.
As I already mentioned I picked mine up in 'dark brown' and it suits my brow and hair colour great. 

There's a little brush attached to the the lid too which comes in handy - especially if you're like me and always misplace everything. I usually brush through my brows after applying the powder to make them look a little more natural and to blend the pencil in.

All in all, this baby is a winner! For £1.99 you get 1.2g of product, and there are four shades available

What are your must haves from Beauty UK?

Stacey x 

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