Friday, 7 February 2014

Nspa Deep hydrating facial oil

Hi Beauts.

Today I wanted to talk (and rave) to you all about a product I never thought I'd slap on my face, the Nspa deep hydrating facial oil. The reason I never thought I'd use it is because I have oily skin, and the thought of applying an oil to my face made me run for the hills.

I only ever use products that mattify my skin, but I was yet to find a night cream that I felt was actually doing some good. So, after a lot of research (and advice from some lovelies on twitter) I decided a facial oil was my best bet. Asda had a 2 for £8.00 on Nspa products so I thought it would be the perfect time to try out their facial oil as I was already buying their hot cloth cleanser.

I used this twice, and knew then that this was a product that I would be repurchasing again and again. The first thing I shall get out of the way is, this in no way made my skin feel or look any oilier than it was before using it. Obviously I looked like I'd dipped my face in a frying pan after applying it, joke, I just had a shiny face but there was and hasn't been any excess oil.

 I use this at night before bed as my night time 'moisturiser' and have to say, I notice a big difference in the appearance of my skin when I wake up. My skin looks more even toned and radiant, and feels so soft. I apply three drops onto the palms of my hands and pat it onto my face, bringing whatever is left down my neck. I've also noticed the scarring on my chin has started to fade gradually too!

If you're looking for a night time moisturiser, I'd say give this a go! No matter what your skin type I guarantee you'll love this stuff. I can't wait to remove my make up on an evening now!!

What are your favourite products from Nspa?

Stacey x


  1. I'm liking the look of this, great price too. Also I've nominated you for the Liebster award. All the info is on this blog post, enjoy x

    1. It's an amazing product, definitely recommend checking it out. Ah thank you lovely, shall take a peek :)

      Stacey x